Surprise phone call

Hi guys,

I got a call tonight to book me in for my radical hysterectomy on Saturday 18th. I knew that it might be short notice, but thought it could be from 20th -30th onwards. It's sent me into a bit of a spin.
I did want it over and done with but it does seem very real now. I am worrying about the little things like if I have to have an epidural or if it's a choice. 
Does anyone have any advice or insights to share?

Stay safe


Rufus, I didn't have a hysterectomy but I just wanted to wish you well for your surgery. I hope your ok and that you have a speedy recovery!

If you are having a radical (Wertheim )hysterectomy I would definitely recommend the epidural in conjunction with your GA. It will massively reduce your need for opiate pain relief and you will recover much quicker. I haven't heard of anyone having a radical hysterectomy without an epidural before although I guess it could happen.

It's a big operation but extremely doable. You will be fine.

The very best of luck..goodbye cancer!!

Karen x  

Hi Rissag,

Thank you.  


Thank you, Petesdragon.

I have just spoken to my CNS about the epidural and I was imagining it going in whilst I am awake (as for c section).  She has told me that they can do it whist I am under GA. This is fine, they can do what they want when I am out of it!

In a strange way I am looking forward to getting it out the way. Like you said - goodbye cancer! (hopefully)

Thank you for taking time to reply.  It means so much to have support from people who really understand.

Stay safe

Big hugs



Yay! This js fantastic news! You know I am nervously waiting for mine on May 12 and thinking COVID may delay it, so I am thrilled to hear this news for you! Best of luck!

Ahh hun thinking of you! I know it must feel strange having it so quickly but it's the next step through your journey. Xxx

Hi LaurieBeth

Hope you are keeping well and managing to stay focused in this craziness we are going through. We will get through this stronger.  
The call came as a surprise even though I knew it was coming soon. I'll let you know how it goes and any tips I pick up on the way. 
Be kind to yourself.

Big hugs Xx

Hi amie,

Thank you  Xx

How are you getting on?  
Big hugs. Xx

Good luck for tomorrow, I hope everything goes really well and you have a speedy recovery, dont over do it and except all help! 
look after yourself, 

much love,

emma xxx 

Hey rufus !!! 

You got this !!! That's great this time next week you will be over this and recovering great news !!! 

Sending lots of love and hugs !! 


Hi Emma,

Its lovely that ladies like yourself stick around and help other people through their jounreys.

Thank you for your reply.  I was given advice today to stay in my pjs around the house to remind people that I am still recovering.  :-)

I will try not to overdo it.  I'm not good at sitting down though.

Big hugs Xx

Thank you for your message, Pleasehelp.

I am definately looking forward to being the other side of the op.  It's a bit magic when you come out of the op (in recovery) and it's done!  I'm lucky in that I am going to a private hospital (given over to NHS patients during the current crisis) and I will have my own on-suite room.  The added bonus is that, although he can't visit afterwards, my husband is allowed to come in and get me settled in, in the morning.  So I am feeling a bit blessed (as well as nervous).

Big hugs



Hey rufus,

I owe this forum so much the ladies here are just the most amazing support. 
I guess if there was ever a time to be at home this is it, luckily you won't have the temptation of days out :) 

I like the pjs idea that's a great one, I have spent most of the last 6 weeks at home in pjs and I still have to do everything ;) I hope you have better luck lol 

seriously though you seem like an real inspiration and have given a lot of help and support to lots of people and I hope very much everything goes wonderfully for you I'll be sending loads of positive vibes your way. 
You got this, and cancer certainly won't know what's hit it tomorrow!! 
massive hugs xxx 

Hi Rufus,

I've been MIA the last few days with the kids at home and hubby gone back to work but I hope you're doing well after the op. Best thing I can recommend is do absolutely nothing for the first two weeks when you're home, dont push yourself because you will only cause yourself unnecessarily pain and discomfort. I'm 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I'm so much more mobile now than this time last week although I'm still sore it is not unbearable. Just remember on those bad days, this will pass.

Wishing you a fantastic recovery.

Much love xxx

Oh and should say one thing that surprised me after surgery was the lack of appetite, nurse explained it was because my stomach was filled with air during the operation and I'd return to eating normally once the air emptied which I have done now xxx

Hey rufus 

just wanted to check in with you ! 

I hope your on the road to recovery and feeling a little better ., take it easy 

if you need anything you know where I am 

much love c xx

Hi rufus,

I hope you are recovering well, just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you.

Sending lots of love x

Thank you, Pleasehelp and Kirstielou87,

I have had a good day at home today and managed to spend most of it on the sofa!  The family have been great at bringing drinks and passing things to me and my dog has been uncharacteristicly gentle with me. I'm really tired now but I think that's normal. I'm so chuffed to be the other side of this and feel really lucky having an amazing team of doctors looking after me. Take care guys

big hugs Xx

Great news! You have been on my mind! Be good to yourself!