Good news and a few questions??

Hi everyone, hope we are all well :))

Yesterday I seen my surgeon, chemotherapy has been very successful with the tumour (i hate that word) now below two cms so radical hysterectomy booked for Monday the 17th. Absolutely delighted by the response to chemotherapy and surgery was what I wanted so all good on that front. 

My questions are about the surgery and I was told there would be an indwelling catheter left in for a week to ten days after I go home. 


Question 1 - on average how long were you in the hospital following the surgery? How was the pain is it manageable?


The catheter scares me a lot as I've never had one and it's just one of those things I've always had a bit of a phobia of. Is it painful having it removed??


All these concerns aside just delighted this is coming to an end and surgeon said if margins are clear and nodes are clear! I'm "clear" woo hoo!!! :))

Don't know where I would of been without all of you on here for the past 4 months, more people should be made aware of the site at diagnosis.


Charlene xx

Hi Charlene

What fab news, you must be delighted!!

Pick found the surgery very doable, yes it hurt afterwards but nothing unbearable, walked like an old lady for a few days tho! My surgeon practises enhanced recovery so I was in hospital just 2 nights. His theory is that you recover better at home. The worst pain to be honest is the wind/constipation so be prepared with soft liquorice, laxatives and mint! I spent a whole day trying to go to the loo about 4 days after the op and was literally in tears!! But my own fault for not being prepared for it!

I came home with a catheter and had it for 10 days. The theory was that if you rest the bladder properly it’s more likely to recover normally, and touch wood, that has been the case.
Mine was a supra pubic catheter which meant it came
out of my side.It was more comfortable than the usual sort but I was ready to lose it after 10days! Make sure they give you a big bag and an a frame for nighttime. It doesn’t really hurt coming out, they just pulled mine out, was over in seconds.

Good luck with the op and the rest of your recovery, you’re well on your way now :slight_smile:

Love Ali x

Great news that your chemo has worked.

I had an indwelling catheter for rather longer than had hoped! I've had 3 in total inserted and removed. They aren't pleasant for sure but they are uncomfortable rather than painful. It's really important to make sure you drink loads when you have one in.


The removal is more of an 'Ohhh' rather than an 'Ouch' They are held in palce by a kind of small balloon which they 'pop' before they remove.


I was in hospital for 6 nights and pretty much totally out of action for a further week. Don't rush your recovery. Get your freezer topped up, hire a cleaner for a few weeks, buy some 'big' pants and get some peppermint tea bags and anusol! Having a catheter also increases your chances of getting a UTI so you might want to look into cranberry tablets (available from a chemist)


Everyone is different. I just had day surgery and I was warned that it would in all likelihood mess with my bladder again and I would need a catheter for a while again. It went fine and there was no need for a catheter. You may be one of the lucky one's! I hope so!


Good luck. 

So happy for you Charlene xx

Thank you so much guys feel a lot better about the whole thing now. Surgery is scary I've never even stayed a night in hospital :/ xx

That's great news Charlene! I am made up for you.

My experiences were a bit different from those above but I expect that is simply because they do things a bit differently here. My catheter was out after only 3 days as far as I recall but I remained in hospital for another couple of weeks because my digestive system refused to kick back in after the op. They are extra cautious here because the patients (some of us) live a couple of hours away by ferry and there is only one boat a day, so returning to hospital is easier said than done.

365 is spot on about catheter removal, it's an oh! not an ouch! The other pains, surgical and digestive are significant, but manageable yes, and I would agree that after a day or two it's the digestive that overtakes the surgical. The amazing thing about pain is that once it's over it's very difficult to remember.

And of course I love hospitals (no, really I do!) and you may find that you do as well.

Go well


Well done Charlene!

i had a catheter after lletz and barely felt it come out! Main issue for me was that I couldn't put my knickers on and thought my bum was going to be revealed in the night! 

hugs, Molly xxx

Hi Charlene87

I had a catheter in for 2 weeks after my surgery in Jan as there was damage to my bladder due to the fact that i'd only had an operation 7 weeks earlier, everyone's different but it's really not that bad, although after the 2 weeks i was ready for it to be removed, i was still able to wear my knickers as had catheter on a leg bag, do be sure to have the stand & overnight bag to attach it to, you can still go in bath with it, it just floats in water lol, make sure you have some lactolose as it really does help the bowels, plenty of rest when you come home, listen to your body & don't over do it, sleep with a cushion or pillow under the calf of your legs as it helps circulation & it's more comfortable, i could only lie on my back for a good 6/7 weeks & buy some big knickers lol, good luck with your op


Mandy xx