Hi, new and scared

Hi everyone


ive never missed a smear test in my life. I had one back in November that showed abnormal cells, after A calposcopy and biopsy I've been diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer. Radical hysterectomy booked for 23rd January.  I've never been more shocked in my life.  I started menopause at 29, i am now 44, we have one adopted son.


we were due to adopt a baby boy end of February but that has now been stopped obviously.


i don't know what I'm asking for by posting this really, apart from am petrified 

Hey! Of course you are lovely and it's ok to be! Loads of great advice and support on here. I cant have a hysterectomy but I've been next to ladies in hospital who have and they all say that although it's not pleasant it's not as bad as they'd imagined.


Sending hugs and loads of positive thoughts. 




sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I also had clear smears before I was diagnosed so was a big shock too. Hopefully the hysterectomy will take care of everything. I didn’t have a hysterectomy but I had my trachelectomy via abdominal incision. If you want any advice from that point of view let me know eg clothes to bring, managing afterwards let me know. 

I was so scared and it was a very eye opening experience but it was manageable. Just took a while to recover but everyday was a small victory. Good you have a date to go in. Sending hugs xx

Thankyou so much for your replies, not having a good day today and been to see surgeon again that went through all the side effects and complication.


but I have to accept this is the better option than leaving it.


i would appreciate some practical advice on what to take into hospital please.



Hi Milliepops, 

I‘m 7 was post op from my radical hysterectomy ovaries removed as well, You are bound to have good days and bad days the waiting doesn’t help eiither. It seemed like an eternity waiting for my op but here I am seven weeks on (which has flown by). For my stay in hospital I took nighties dressing gown slippers and plenty of mags and music books etc. You may have good days and bad days during your stay in hospital but this is quite normal according to the nurses. Everyone is different. All the best for your operation I‘ll be think of you.xx

Earplugs! They're noisy places...all night!




I am 12 weeks and 10 days after my radical lapar hysterectomy ( ovary kept) . It was much easier than i thought. I am running, skiing, swimming and everything is ok. But, give it time to heal - my major problem was my bladder - i had to go homme with a chateter for 1 week - i name it Patrocle , like a dog - but all that is just for fun now. You will be fine ! 

Love to you all ! 

Thankyou everyone, definitely added earplugs to my list!

Even an eye mask in case you want to sleep when the lights are on x 

Hi Milliepops

How are you doing post-op? I'm 50 and scheduled for radical with oophorechtomy on 21 March. Scared stiff and bewildered about what to expect. Really don't want to let him take my ovaries, but both gyno and oncologist are pushing that. Any of you have any recommendations?

Also, any advice for (short of drugs!) for calming my hubby? I think he's going to give himself a "coronary" from stress.