Op Date confirmed with discussion


I have got my op date, which is the 3rd Aug. They are doing a rad hysterectomy with lymph nodes going. The tumour is bigger than they thought, & it has meant the margin isby clear cut, so they have talked to me about if they see anything more in theatre, it will either be removed, or i will be looking at chemo and radio together once healed. i am hoping it will only be surgery, but i have been sort of prepared for more. i have read many of the stories here, and I think each and everyone of you is amazing! I am blessed to have tjr while first week of the summer hols with my kiddies, so holding on to the positives, but I am scared witless. 

Good news you have a date Sylvia you know the waiting is the hardest part and not knowing. I made myself very busy on the run up to surgery. I made a big list of things to be done like clean oven and all other appliances. Changed beds and really tidied my bedroom and created a space for medication a big wooden bowl on bedside table.  Got on top of all washing ironing and sorted cupboards. Partly because of the fear of the shame if someone was helping but also to keep me busy.  Coming home to a house that's all organised and clean has been nice too. 

Big hugs though I know how hard it all is. Xxxx

How are you feeling Sarah? I know it's been a short time, I am guessing your still in Hospital x

I'm home Sylvia and feeling ok, think first week is painful but then gets better as far as I understand pain relief is keeping me comfortable xxx 

will post a message tomorrow with some tips for you to take to hospital xxx

Hi Sylvia. I had radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal a week ago.  Like Sarah I caught up on household things in run up. I'm still in discomfort but easier every day. I feel the same re future. They felt surgery should get it all but there are definitely some abnormalities in the lymph nodes so I am preparing myself for possibility of radiotherapy. Keep chatting on here and your surgery date will soon arrive xx

Great advice!
Be lucky :-)

Sylvia I am having a radical hysterectomy the day after you - our situations sound similar. It has taken a while for me to come to terms with it but I'm getting my head round it day by day. I am nervous, however the tips and positivity here are marvellous. Best wishes!


It's been a roller coaster so far. I ended up in Hospital on Friday, with a blood clot & infection. Learnt how to do warfarain injections, but now blood is good, two lots of antibiotics till op. If I haven't got better by Wednesday, I will go in and have Iv antib till op. I have managed pretty well, until I went on the ward, I'm going to be on for the op. I know we must all feel it, but I am still trying to be normal, but I am very scared, and could of done without added issus before. x

Oh goodness. You really could have done without that! Focus on good things, relax and rest. It's okay to be scared. I was terrified until the actual day of surgery them I felt fine. If you need to be admitted for iv abx then just know you're in the right place! Best of luck xx

Sylvia I hope you get better fast, lots of love