Got to have radical hysterectomy :(

Hello, to the ladies who have had it what can I expect after?? All a bit if a shock as last week they said trachelectomy!! Still waiting on my op date, feeling quite messed around atm and losing my faith in the nhs as it seems to be taking an age to get this dealt with! Any advice will be much appreciated xxx

Oh dear matey,

Sorry for your bad news. I have my rad hysterectomy on Tues so will let you know how it goes. But as to why they changed their mind, I can only guess, is to make sure they get all the bad stuff as not convinced tha trac would do this SO why has no one explained this to you? This is the bad bit. Or have they explained? On rereading, u don't say. When do u meet your consultant? Or could you ring ur specialist nurse? Start asking questions of someone.

I am sorry, hope it all goes ok x

When they did my lletz they took away the largest amount they could and basically they can’t guarantee they would get it all with a trac. It’s been a palava right from the beginning when I found out I had an abnormal smear result. They did explain everything Friday, but then they promise to call me with more info and an op date…then nothing! It keeps happening and is more stressful than actually dealing with the cc itself. My cns hasn’t been particularly helpful either, I sound like such a whinge bag but I really feel like the care I’ve received is terrible!
Good luck with your op, it must be a relief to know it’s nearly over xxx


They really do seem to have mucked you about. Keep calling and whinging is all I can say!!! The key worker nurse is there to help keep you calm and informed so keep ringing! Is it worth ringing the help line on here or Macmillan to see what advice they have? I do realise how lucky I have been with my treatment so far. Just be assured that it is early stage so it is not as bad as some ladies on here... Also, the drs must be organising things behind the scenes- we are usually the last to know. As I said on one of my previous posts, it turns out that my consultant meeting and hysterectomy was all booked in even before I had been told the diagnosis! We are usually the last to know but it doesn't mean we're forgotten about. Doesn't help us worrying though!

Bless you. Keep hassling them!! Don x

Defo going to be on the phone in the morning, Macmillan have been really helpful when I’ve spoken to them. I just think if you are promised something like a phone call it should happen, regardless if they have the info you need/want. Fingers crossed I get a date this week!!