Struggling to digest CIN2 results

So today I received the results from my colposcopy biopsy results.

I've been told I have CIN2 the letter is so vague and explains little to nothing except they've made me an appointment for the 22nd Feb and I need to go in to discuss the results and may need treatment.

Now for me I need to know do I or don't I need treatment, why be so vague?? It's clearly obvious after reading endless amounts of Google I'm going to need treatment which is scaring the absolute poop out of me. 

What am I to expect?? I need to hear it from women who have experienced the same not the information of a leaflet that down plays everything and seems like a walk in the park.

I needed 2 days off work just from having 3 biopsy's taken, what should I expect this time around?? 

As much as I would love to just brush this under the carpet and never have to think of it again, the reality is I have to put my big girl pants on and face the next step of what will be. 

I'm over thinking everything, will this return with a vengeance??

I have people in my life that depend on me and I'm scared of what is happening to my body, I don't know ME anymore  (some may think this is an over exaggeration but I've been having bowel problems for the past year and never feel normal, anxiety is at its worst and depression is setting in fast. I'm trying to hold it all together but feel so lost right now ) 



Hi , I completely understand where your coming from! I am in the same boat.. I have cin2 and have decided to do the watch and wait approach ( basically going back every 6 months for check ups and more biopsies ). When I got my results I honestly thought my life was over ...I lost my mam to cc 11 years ago when i was 14 so my mind was going crazy ! I spoke to my consultant in great detail and I felt so much better. the vage letters dont help at all but you can make an appointment with your gp or consultant and have everything explained trust me it helps. 

Hey StaceyL92 

Thank you so much for taking time to reply, I really appreciate it. 

Oh my gosh I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, I really hope you have family and friends to help support you through your medical journey. (If not I and I'm sure others on here are always around to talk to) 

I wasn't aware you could defer treatment, this is new news to me. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me, I'm still a bit of a wreak with it all as the wait is just so long..

I called the colposcopy clinic and the nurse there was little to no help at all, she just said pshyc yourself up for treatment when you come in just incase...ergh not helpful 

I just want this all to be over

I really hope all goes well for you and you get the all clear soon!! 

Please stay in touch x x 

I am in the same boat as you both. I have cin2 and going back in march for my 6 month check up. They basically told me i needed treatment since i am now 25 and didnt really give me the option to watch and wait but i did research and decided i wanted to watch and wait and see if my body heals itself. Did your doctors recommend the watch and wait approach? My appointment is in March. Praying for it to heal.

Hiya! I see you’re very concerned about cin2. Cin2 is not cancer, it’s just changes in the cervix so please don’t be too alarmed lovely. I had cin3 severe dyskaryosis and went for my lletz treatment and biopsy and I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. But again cin3 doesn’t mean cancer at all! Cin2 is catching abnormal cells before they turn pre cancerous. Lletz treatment isn’t bad, definitely worth it and I wouldn’t like to say put off treatment but that’s because I am in a different position. You do what makes you comfortable at the time and talk it through with every professional there. I had a great team to talk me through and answer all my repetitive questions so please don’t hold back. I wish you luck and hope to hear from you soon xx