I'm hoping somebody can offer me some positivity and hope. I had my routine smear in October and it came back as borderline changes. I was referred to colposcopy and they said it looked I'd had an infection and that the skin was healing. They took three biopsies and off I went home feeling quite positive. On Friday I had the results back and they have said I have cin1 and 2 and need lletz. I am so shocked and can't stop crying. I am terrified, feel sick and can't eat. I am now scared that it will be even worse when I go for treatment. How can they say one minute it's just borderline and now cin 2? I have to wait 6 weeks for treatment and I'm scared it will progress even more in this time. I am a worrier at the best of times and this has turned me into a wreck. Please somebody tell me you've been through the same and it turns out ok. 

hi hunny

1st big hug to you

i cart relly give you addvise on the letts as i have not had it

i am 24 and went for a smear got borederline back same as you

i had a letter the other day saying brfor she took the biopsis

she saw low grade lesion witch i think is cin 1 (not 100%) sure if it is

and i am now waiting for the biopsis to come back

i av got my self in a rite mess and i like you dont under stand why am so scaerd as its only borederline

how long did you wait for your biopsis to come back ? xxxxx

Thank you for your reply, big hugs to you too. It took 4 weeks for my biopsy results to come back. I was expecting to be told I'd have a smear in 6 months as the nurse had said my cervix looked like it was healing cells and didn't think it was a true abnormal result. I was totally shocked to go from a borderline result to cin1 & 2. I feel so sick with worry and have giggled everything and made myself worse. How are you coping? 

Googled everything should say! Predictive text!

aww me 2 not good to go on net at this time lol

am not copeing well at all tbh i suffer relly bad with deprestion anyway and its gone sky hi since its the waiting i hate it

and you have to wait 6 week for your treatment i think that is way to long if you ask me


They take the biopsies to confirm what level it is at as they can't tell accurately by the smear or by looking so it's not that you've gone from borderline to CIN1/2 in that time, it's just that now they can say for sure what level it is at X

No it's not good to go googling. We need some positives! I can understand your depression getting worse at this time, my anxieties are sky high! i work in mental health and I feel embarrassed that I'm really anxious and stressed!! The waiting game is awful. 6 weeks is a horribly long time to wait. They've assured me that I not in danger of it getting worse in that short space of time but I'm still worried. Do you have much support at home?

i would not cope 6 week waiting that must be horried am hopeing my biopsis cum back and say come back in 6 month

yes my OH is great with me she dont talk about it much just says youll be ok but i gess that is what i need i tell everyone not to worry but inside its me thats bricking it

do you have support xxx

I got my biopsies bk cin 3 am in on 17th dec :(