Stop / Start periods after Lletz

Good morning ladies! I am new to this site but have been reading the forums for a while now, so thought i would join!

Need some advice. I had abnormal cells show up in my smear so went for a colposcopy and had some biopsies. Those results said that i needed a Lletz procedure done to remove the

abnormal cells.

I had the Lletz done on 22nd November 2014. About a week later i started bleeding which i was told would be normal. Two weeks after i was due on my period, i came on (i think as i was bleeding anyway) then came off it when i was supposed to, so all fine.

I was then due to come on my next period 6th Jan, which i did but for the first day it was brown! I did a bit of research and i saw that it may be the healing process coming to an end.

Then the second day, it was normal blood, great i thought!

Then yesterday there was absolutely nothing...not even spotting. I find this very strange as my periods are like clockwork and this has never happened before; where they just stop mid cycle.

i am ASSUMING it is because of the procdure and there is nothing to worry about, but it is a bit odd.

Any advice would be greatly received :)

Many thanks, Lou

Hi Lou,

Welcome to the forum. I haven't had a LLETZ myself so can't pass on any personal experience but if you take a look through the rest of the colposcopy section of the forum you will find that about four out of every five posts is talking about erratic bleeding after LLETZ. So from that I conclude that it's pretty normal. But in any case, ever, get advice from your doctor and don't rely on t'internet.

Be lucky