Lletz Procedure - Bleeding 15 days after


Im new to this site so i hope im in the right place!

Im just after some advice or even reasurance. I had my daughter 16 weeks ago and have been bleeding for atleast 15 weeks of that. Very much getting over it! I had a colposcopy after an abnormal pap smear, it came back CIN2/3 so was sent for a Lletz procedure, i had the Letz 15 days ago, this confirmed the CIN3. I had minimal discharge for the first 5 days. On day 6 i had a small bleed, rang clinic and they said to keep and eye on it, continued to have a blled (like a light period) up until day 10 when i got sharp stabbing pains and slightly heavier bleeding. Rang clinic twice that day, once again told to keep an eye on it! Well yesterday i had quite a big day out, lots of walking and at the end of the day i had a deep muscle back massage, well now its like an extremely heavy period this morning. Is this bleeding 15 days after the Lletz normal? (not due for my period for another week and im on the pill again so its always exactly on time) could it have been the walking or massage? I bled all the way up till the week before the lletz... and now this. I really hope i stop bleeding soon! Thank you!

Hi Abby, everyone is different but I had a similar experience where I had light discharge for a few days, then I came on my period (I too was on the pill but they advised me it was normal for the lletz to cause an early period), so I wasn't concerned even though it was a heavier period than I usually had. Then it came to the end of my pill pack and I took the break as usual for my period, which made the bleeding continue for another week until I started taking the next pack. So to summarise, I had a few days of light discharge followed by a 2 week period! Hope that puts your mind at ease.