6 days after LLETZ - is this normal?

Hi there. I’ve been reading lots of different forum posts on here to answer some of my questions and I’m overwhelmed by how supportive and understanding everyone seems. It makes this all so much less scary and my heart goes out to those who are having a much worse time of it that me!

I thought I’d just double check what I’m experiencing is normal.

I had a LLETZ completed last week Thursday (6 days ago). I had 3 1/2 days off work and rested a lot and felt very tired. I haven’t bled at all other than the slight blood after the procedure. I have a yellow watery type discharge which was particularly heavy the last few days but seems to be easing up a little. I’m wearing pads 24/7 just incase the blood catches me out!

I’m so confused as to whether this is normal. Should I be bleeding? Will I definately bleed?

I also had a new contraceptive implant put in just over 6 weeks ago on the first day of my period which stopped my period, I haven’t had any blood since that day. On the day of the LLETZ I felt crampy and thought I’d come on my period that day, but all signs of a period coming have now stopped. Can the LLETZ stop your period?

Partner and I have agreed to no sex for 6 weeks as want to make sure I heal properly and obviously no swimming. I’m reluctant to have a bath also incase it makes anything worse!

I feel a bit confused as to what is normal and what I should really look out for.

They also told me at the LLETZ that they’ll send off the bit they took away, but I’ll just need to have another smear in 6 months. Reading here, I could get a shock result from that - why would the nurse tell me it’s fine and just a smear in 6 months? Should I be worried?

Hi :) I had my colposcopy last Tuesday & they did LLETZ/Loop at this & I have had no bleeding yet just the horrible discharge! I was told by the nurse I would get my period like normal but might start a few days earlier & might be heavier than normal. I was also told after she performed the treatment I would get results in 4 weeks & would need to come back in 6 months for a check up which I received the appointment for 2 days after my LLETZ & from what Iv read on here no one else has had this they have had to wait for results first before being told to come back in 6 months. Iv booked an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow morning before I go to work to see if she knows why so hopefully get some answers as its really confused me my nurse made me feel like everything was ok & like she didn't see anything bad but I can't help but think the worse still! I hope your results come back ok & you can put this all behind you :) xxx

Aww thank you for the reply! I haven't had any letters or anything yet! my smear and then LLETZ were only just over a week apart so I assumed it was urgent, but could it just be that we're pushed to the top of the Q if we're high risk? Let's hope so ey!

I was told I would just have a smear in 6 months rather than colposcopy! I hope your are fine too sweet! Xxx



Yes my colposcopy appointment was 2 weeks after my first smear I think your right the higher risk the quicker they get you in! Well I thought my nurse said smear she gave me a letter to give to the receptionist before I left which I never looked at & was expecting a letter from my GP with a smear appointment but insteast I got a letter from the hospital for a colposcopy I think it's so they can check they removed all abnormal cells? My treatment notes also say follow up in 6 months, this was also sent to my GP so hoping she can explain :) im hoping it means the nurse is confident that nothing sinister was there! My friends mum works on the same ward as 1 of the receptionist & she said my nurse is one of the best on the ward for the treatment & does over 4,000 colposcopy's a year. Xxx

Hey hun. I too didn't bleed for about a week and a half just had the discharge! I started to bleed very lightly around day 10 and then got heavier when I was due on my period. I'm coming to the end of my period now and it's getting lighter. Hoping it all stops once i'm due off! Maybe because you've been taking it easy you haven't really bled much?

Regarding results...try not to worry too much. I know it's easier said than done as I was going out of my mind! I think they just like to send the sample off to check they got it all and that you've got clear margins.

Good luck both with your results and I hope you aren't waiting too long! xx


 My bleeding started after about 10 days, starts of reasonably light then has got heavier a few days later. I noticed 'the scab' come out (TMI time) ... I just hope the bleeding slows down I've taken it very easy the last 12 days as I had complications and had to be re-cauterised a week last Saturday. Due to infection apparently I think it was because I lifted a very heavy shopping bag like a berk and opened the wound. My original loop was on 27th June. 

im still bleeding reasonsbly heavy and getting shooting pains in my left hand side which is worrying me. Went to my docs before and she was hideously rude to me said I shouldn't of gone to see her ?!?! Needless to say I complained. I've been feeling hugely lethargic and dizzy and it's been making me feel a bit panicy at times and the doc was just horrid to me even my son said what a 'cow' she was and he's 9 !!! 

On a better note I got my results today any the news was that cin 3 and cin 2 were present and have been completely removed. I go back for a smear on 28th December ...

Anyway take it easy and as they say 'don't panic' lol.... Like I do anyway ! 

Caroline x

Hi all and thanks so much for all of your replies. I've been taking it easy the last week and half now, even with minimal walking because i just so don't want complications. I start a new job Monday and I'm dreading if I having to take any time off in the first few months! Just a browny discharge now which is really light, I'm hoping it all goes ok! To add to the rubbishness of the situation I've developed a gum infection around one of my teeth and a huge cyst has appeared at the top of my thigh / crease to groin. I'm assuming my poor body is just battling hard to deal with all of it. I'm trying my best to avoid antibiotics for anything as I always get thrush with them and I wouldn't know where to start with not being able to put anything in! Cringe! I'll be so glad when this is all over! And the lack of sex is horrendous! I'm also not having a bath so I don't aggrivate the natural healing, but I so need a pamper! 

Oh no like you need extra issues to deal with. :-( Hope they go away but you may need anti-biotics to help the extra's go away (unfortunatley).

I start a job in 2 weeks and I'm also so worried about not being fit enough, really don't want to start my job off on a bad note where I'm taking time off. Been thinking about delaying my start date but am holding out for the moment.

I'm doing everything right but can't help worrying loads especially after having had complications once already. Am going to my GP as she will take a look and see if things are healing ok. Fingers crossed - for us all hey, soon be in the past all this !! 


Regards Caroline x

Hi, thanks for the replies! The tooth infection and cyst have calmed down after lots of ibruprofen thank goodness!!

my discharge is very minimal now but I'm still wearing a pantyliner all of the time because I don't want to be caught out with a gush of blood at an embarrassing moment! 

Still no signs of a period, scab or any bleeding. I'm wondering if I should have a bath just to move things along and soften whatever is there a bit? 

I start my new job Monday and I'm hoping everything is just healing welol and I'll escape any complications! im horribly prone to infections as I have a rubbish immune system, so I do wonder if not having a bath and using pantyliners and changing them so often has really helped with preventing it. 

no results yet! 


Hope everything works out for you Caroline - I wouldn't delay your start date, surely doing something which takes your mind off it is good? I came the conclusion that if a new employer wasn't understanding about the odd doctors appointment for something potentially very serious I probably wouldnt want to stay very long with them anyway  x


Hi, I'm glad things are working out, I'm overjoyed to say my bleeding is subsiding too at last. Very slowly but definitely an improvement :-)

I'm already feeling better about starting my new job, still 11 days to improve more hopefully. This experience has been a very weird one and it certainly makes you feel very vulnerable that's for sure. 

Thankfully we're getting through it OK though. I count my blessings for that :-)



How's things going Caroline?

i started my new job Monday and all is great! 

D/c has pretty much stopped now, no scab or any signs of a period though! and I'm finally down to just using panty liners! Hurray! How's your bleeding? i hope you haven't had anymore complications! X

Hi, I'm not too bad. I went docs last Friday and they gave me so tranexamic acid tablets to stop the bleeding. It's pretty much worked but today I have to stop the tablets and see what happens now. I'm hoping it just doesn't turn into a 'neverending' bleeding thing, I hope it's stopped or close to stopping. 

We'll have to see what happens. As soon as I started taking them next day also got a water infection... good gosh does it end, so had more tablets that I finish tonight for that too.

Phew - it would be nice now to be tablet & blood free !! lol x


I'm glad your doing well, you must have healed nicely which is a good thing :-) happy for you hun x

Hello! So just a quick update - I've had my biopsy results through. Confirmed CIN3 And nothing else abnormal. No mention of HPV either. Given I was diagnosed with HPV a couple of years ago, could this have now gone away?! Anyway - back to 6 monthly smears!

I've managed to avoid any infections, all discharge has stopped and no 'scab' ever appeared for me.  Have resumed bedroom activities yesterday and today and all seems to be fine 4 1/2 weeks was long enough! 

I think by really resting the first week, avoiding baths until today, and generally staying clean and not putting anything in me has helped me heal. 

But - I still haven't had a period. I was due around the day of the LLETZ happening, but nothing. Because I had a new implant fitted at around the time of the period before, I'm now about 3-4 months without a period. I'm pretty concerned! I read somewhere that the LLETZ can seal your cervix and stop period blood coming out.... does anyone know how accurate that is and whether I should get it checked out?

any news your end Caroline?

Hi hope you don't mind me jumping onto this thread. I had my lletz on 26 July and got follow up appt to discuss further management this coming Tuesday. The letter didn't mention anything about Cin or margins and says I have appt with the gynaecology team rather than a specific individual. I'm hoping it's just to say that I need another lletz or something relatively minor.

The waiting is the worst part I thought that after 3 weeks no news was good news so I was surprised to be invited to an appt, I'll keep you posted. Sara xx

Oh goodness how stressful Sara! One of my friends has just been through something similar. She just had cell changes much higher up in her cervix and also an infection. She waited almost a month for results from her smear and panicked when she got called in but it was just a conversation about what she would like done about it all.

im sure you'll be totally fine! :) x



Nice to hear from you Unicorn Lady and I'm fine now. Bleeding stayed away and tablets cleared up water infection. This week I am starting to feel myself again !! Glad you have resumed bedroom activities !! haha I'd need a partner to try that one out !! Kinda gone of the whole idea lately !! haha


Hi slb97 - I hope your appointment goes ok, try not to worry but that is coming from me who worried about everything all the time throughout this whole process and have to be honest it did me no good at all... but I know it's hard not too. Hell of an experience this has been, life changing for me in many ways.


Good luck all and hope you all ok and stay well :-)





Hi Unicorn Lady,

I had my Lletz last week and have had eactly the same as you have described if thats any comfort, I was also confused by the lack of blood. Im not due on to the 7th September, but I will let you know if its delayed (not that I can ever count on them being on time). The waiting game is horrible now, I hope you find out soon and all is well.

Hi slb97,

I hope all goes well today, I will be thinking of you.  Let us know how you get on.

Love Emma x