4. 5 months after llezt abnormal bleeding


Perhaps making a fuss about nothing but...

I had a lletz procedure performed in February  bleed for a while afterwards - My period went straight back to normal after about a month of bleeding, with the exception of being a bit more painful.

I am not due my period for at least 9 days ( I am never early ) but woke up to a large amount of blood yesterday which went on for about two hours and then completely stopped, nothing, no pink or anything?! I'm not pregnant or stressed, no change in contraception etc. my periods have been heavier and more painful since february so I was completely taken by surprise. 

Its probably not connected and I'm just over worrying about but I wondered if anyone had a similar experience? Just feeling like I'm going mad all the time! I'm due for another smear in a couple months so I'm sure if anything was wrong. It will be picked up then again.

thanks x 

Hi Stacey, maybe get it checked out with the doctor? Hopefully it's nothing. But it might be to do with the LLETZ. I had long term problems with bleeding, but it was more like spotting, that went on for a year but eventually went away.