Periods after LLETZ

Hi girls, had my lletz 6 weeks ago last Friday. Had a period normal time 2 weeks after treatment and then about once a week after I have been spotting dark brown blood. I was due to come on this Thursday but have come on today after 2 days of extremely light browny discharge. Why are my periods not working as normal?! should I give it until christmas and see if it all settles down? My rational mind is telling me that things are bound to be a bit dodgy for a while but I'm really scared my periods won't be regular again :( x

Hello, I'm almost a year post LLETZ and im still having trouble with my periods. They are as normal but about a week before I spot dark brown blood, nothing heavy but enough to be an inconvenience. My GP is certain it's hormonal and a coincidence,  nothing to do with my LLETZ, but ive never had trouble with my periods before. The main thing is though, my follow up smear in May was clear with no HPV so I'm gonna go with the hormonal thing and see how it goes. It's early days for you though, you could still be healing. It's worth contacting your GP or the colposcopy clinic though if you're worried, I'm sure youve worried enough over the last few weeks. Good luck, I hope it all settles down soon :) x