Still waiting for results :(

Still waiting for results from my lletz on 23rd January, so fed up with the waiting around, and can't decide whether to feel like it's taken longer because they have nothing important to tell me or because they're just rubbish :( Go through days of feeling both, and imagine the best and worst outcomes on a regular basis, but always feel nervous when checking the post! I just want to know what happens next xx

Bevvles27...I hear exactly what you are saying! It's the not knowing that's the worst, right? If they only rung or wrote to aplogise for the delay. I had my 2nd colpo early Dec and by early Jan still had no results I decided to chase them up. Seemed the results were being discussed at one of their Mutli-disciplinary meetings. I understood why this would happen and glad they are being thorough but the meeting wasn't to be until 1st Feb yet no-one wrote to tell me this - I had to ring to find this info out! At least I could then spend the next month not jumping everytime the letterbox went. They then took almost 3 weeks to write to me (though they still didn't give me the results just an appt so still none the wiser!) I hope you hear from them soon to put your mind at rest. I guess if you hear nothing in a week or so ring and chase them up. No news is good news as they say!

Thanks for responding, I feel ridiculous sometimes but the waiting is torture! I know they must treat a lot of women, but surely a slightly more informative system would help us to feel better! Good luck with your appointment.


Bev x