How do they know

Hi guys new to this but found everyone's post very useful - I've just had my lletz today and the lovely consultants who did the this said over 4 times that it wasn't cancer - however still nervous over biospy results how can he tell that it's not. I was a nervous wreck having this done however anyone is waiting to have it done it really is not that bad the waiting is worse and the dentist! x

Has anyone else had this with the doctorr? I am so worried result waiting is the worse? Feeling really down about it all at the mo its just awful x

Oh the waiting gets worse, and then you get to day 10 (where I am now) and start to think "they would have been in touch if it was serious" They dont know but I bet they have some kind of idea based on previous colposcopies and results! Its an awful time just hanging about waiting but it will get easier xx

heyy i the waiting game is just boring for me now, im not scared or worried, just plain bored. its been 4 weeks today since my LLETZ! and i phoned the hospital today where a very rude woman quite bluntly said NO YOUR RESULTS AREN'T IN YOU HAVE ONLY WAITED 4 WEEKS!!! she didn't even ask my name i just luaghed at her.

the waiting will get easier. good luck xxxxx

So glad someone has replied to you, I kept reading this thinking someone please reply. I couldn't as am new to all this and am going for my first colposcopy tomorrow.

Thanks everyone - bloody hate the fact that all I can think off is this!!

Hi, I had lletz done 2 days before flying out to Australia for a 3 month holiday and my consultant almost begged me not to go and wait for the results first. So he obviously new it looked like cancer but didn't want to tell me this!

The fact that your Dr was so reassuring sounds like he really doesn't think it is cancer.

Anyway mine scared me enough into changing my flight, which I am now glad I did because I was called into the hospital and diagnosed with CC 2 weeks later!

I don't think they would keep people waiting for upto 8 weeks if they had cancer, so the longer you wait for your results the more likely it seems it will be good news :) 

Just keep thinking positive

Lisa x

Abnormal Smear 15/04/2013, Colposcopy & Lletz Procedure 30/04/2013, Diagnosed CC 15/05/2013, Cone Biopsy 03/06/2013, Results: Cancer fully removed but CIN still present 20/06/2013, 3 monthly colposcopies needed


Hi missmember,

I'm in the same boat as you now but only on the day after LLETZ treatment, so think the wait is going to be bad.

The colposcopist said he could tell just by looking at me when i walked in that I was low risk, but like you say, how could he know - especially before he'd even taken a look at my cervix? Whilst his comment relaxed me at first, now I'm having doubts as "you never know" but as Lisa above said, if it's something serious I'm sure they'll get in touch asap.

I'm trying to just relax and not stress too much but I'm quite an anxious person anyway and didn't sleep much last night but there's nothing I can do but wait!

Amy x

I am feeling the same,had my colposcopy & lletz treatment on Friday last week.when I walked in & consultant said 'you do realise there is almost a nought percent chance this is cancer' Had my treatment & he took away 2 areas that looked suspicious,he sai he removed 1cm deep & 3cm wide area,sounded a lot to me but he showed it to me & said he doesn't think it's cancer...but is condistant with severe dyskayosisI know he's a specialist in colposcopy & gynaelogical cancer & I should be reassured but of course the only way to be 100% sure is when histology results are back...he said he would write to me in 2 weeks but every time my phone rings I panic thinking its the hospital with bad news...I'm an anxious person though & always think the worst.i should trust he's an expert & does this procedure so often. I really hope or aid all good news for you.its such a horrible time waiting for results.lots of love xxx