I cannot cope with this waiting!!!!

It's only been 8 days since my LLETZ but I'm constantly bracing myself for the postman or a call from the hospital. I had a missed call and voicemail from my doctors surgery at 12.20 and so was convinced that 'this was it'. The postman has been and not brought the dreaded letter to discuss results.

I called the clinic just to ask how long results were taking at the moment and she told me that they're taking up to 8 weeks :( I don't know how I can live like this for another 7 weeks.

I have PTSD and had been functioning pretty well until all of this, but now I'm having a flare up of symptoms again and I just feel like I don't know how to cope.

Waiting is bloody awful! I had a smear result of abnormal cells with HPV positive 16/18 and have waiting 4 weeks for my colposcopy appointment which is on Wednesday! I am 50 and have spent the last 4 weeks reading so much online and how contracting hpv when you are older usually means it has been around longer and there is a higher risk of cancer! I am driving myself crazy. Why do we need to wait so long! xxx

Oh gosh that's awful! It's ridiculous that the waiting times are so very high isn't it. The NHS is absolutely falling to pieces :( It's in every corner of the NHS now. Even social services are becoming poorer. Xx

Hi i can understand how your feeling but think positive as u would of probably recieved another letter with appointment by now if it wasn't good.  I had lletz done on 2nd Dec and had another appointment letter through within a week for colposcopy on 13th dec which was my results. At least if ur results are coming thru the post fingers crossed its good news!  with me it wasn't and when i asked my consultant they said they wouldn't send out bad results so got my fingers crossed for you.

I'm really sorry to hear that your results weren't good Sharon. How are you doing now?

Really I know that you're right and no news is good news. I think I'm holding my breath until the 14 day mark. I've seen some ladies on here wait longer than that for bad news though, but trying not to dwell as I'm sure that's a minority. Thank you for replying xx

Hi I know how horrible the waiting is, I am in a simular situation I had my LLETZ last week to remove CIN 3 cells. I had a panic attack during LLETZ so wasn't taking anything in that the nurse said, I know she said something about a smear test in 6 months, however I'm sure she said something about results in 2 weeks (but I could have misheard her) I didn't realise I would get results, I thought I would have to wait for my smear in 6 months to get results. 


What do the results tell you exactly? Do they confirm if all the cells have been removed? or do they show if they found something else? I'm finding it all confusing because after looking online, I read people saying CIN3 isn't anything to worry about, so until now I have not been worried, I felt lucky that it was just CIN 3. But after further research I have read stories that they found cancer after removing CIN3. Sorry I am not being any help at all. I was hoping you may have some advice? Hopefully your results wont take too long, I wish there was a way to hurry them up!! x