Still waiting results going insane

Hi guys hope everyone is well, well nearly 5 weeks tomorrow since I had my LLetz and I'm going out my mind waiting for the results, no matter what I try and do my mind is constantly on  the post man or my phone. im sure it's normally to be feeling like this but just wondered how everyone else cope with the wait. Part of me wants the results the other part doesn't wasn't to know. Slowly going insane xxx


Try to contact your GP tomorrow - I was going insane whilst waiting, then had appointment with GP for another issue and asked if they had any info. And they did - 6 days after my LLETZ, but it took 3 weeks to get my letter. And information/details on both letters is very much different - loads of info on GP's and practically none on mine, just that all abnormal cells been removed and no cancer detected.



I can completely relate - I'm waiting for my biopsy results from an inconclusive colposcopy and the logner it's taking the more I'm panicking. Part of me knows that if it was somethign bad I'd have heard back a hell of a lot quicker (I've been waiting for 5 weeks) but the other part of me still can't help; but think there's something sinister going on! I've just called my Dr's and they don't have anything through yet and no-one ever answers the phone at hte colposcopy office.

Best advice I can give is to talk about it - fears and worries etc.  I've found that bottling it up generally makes things worse.  My boyfriend is great at being the voice of reason and he really helps me when I start feeling hysterical!

Hope you get your results through soon!  Keep us updated x

Hi, i know exactly how you feel, i’ve been waiting 5 weeks tomorrow to get my biopsie results from my colposcopy. I’ll probably need treatment but don’t know what yet. Its really hard waiting its the fear of the unknown. Hopefully you’ll get your results soon.