they won't tell me my results

I have just rung the colposcopy secretary and I can't have my results over the phone because she is not medically trainedi asked if she coyld tell me good or bad but she said no :( I am going out of my mind thinking the worst. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since my lletz for suspected cin3.  Every one is saying no news is good news but she said I will find out either way in a few days by letter.  I feel sick!

Hi Kerry,

I know it's difficult waiting but please try not to panic. I think in most cases if it was worst case scenario, they would call you and ask you to go in to discuss the results, they wouldn't send these in the post.

Good luck with your results x

Did she just receive the results today? That means you should have them this week. Stay strong, not much longer to wait. Look at me saying that so easily when I rushed home to an empty letterbox every day for 7 weeks! Its so horrible waiting, but at least you know the results are now there, not much longer xx

She just said oh yes we have them, I am dreading a letter coming to say I the consultant wants to see me. I know I sound pathetic but my mum has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and this is all more than I can handle at the moment :(