Still bleeding 4 weeks after smear

I had my smear test 4 weeks ago. I have had smears before. I had light cramps for about 24 hours and I've had spotting ever since. It ranges from slight brown spotting, to clots, to red blood. When I think it's stopped it suddenly starts again. I have had the results of the smear and it's all clear   

One thing you should be aware of, is 6 months ago I had a Lletz procedure. I spotted on and off for 4 months after this. At one point the doctor put me on some serious antibiotics to try and help but it made no difference. Anyway, after 4 months it seemed to stop so I wasn't concerned.

Now I've had my smear it seems to have messed things up again. I'm so frustrated with this now. Has anyone had anything similar?


Hi Kate

i saw here you have not had a reply. I am sorry I don't know the answers to this but thought a reply might bump things along. 

Have you had a chat with your GP? X