Bleeding again, period?

My period is due this week (always around two/three days) and yesterday and today I've had considerable amount of bloody discharge. I'm 17 days post Lletz for CIN 2. My discharge has been various colour including black grit and most recently orange oroclear, stretchy and blood tinged. Is this all 'normal'?

I'd love a reply please as I'm still very light bleeding only when wipe with occasional tiny, tiny, tiny discharge clots?

Is this normal. I'm beyond worried. I'm 18 days post Lletz for moderate changes. 

Hi Regeo, 

I haven't had my procedure yet but from what I've been reading many people seem to bleed for abot 3 or 4 weeks or more, so it sounds pretty standard...I think :)

If you are concerned maybe call the colposcopy dept? 

Hope you feel better soon xx



I'm 14 days post LLETZ and I'm still bleeding. If it's bright red blood and there's lots of it, I would ring the Colposcopy department. I think this is just normal at the minute though :) xx

Thanks for replies ladies. Im not sure if it's my period and it's really really light. It is due around now and I've had period cramps. It's only light pink when wipe and sometimes clear, sometimes yellow orange. I bled initially afterwards but had various types of discharge since (and infection since treated).

My anxiety worries it's advanced cancer. . . 


I bled for well over 4 weeks after my lletz. started off really light and i thought id got away with it, then very red and heavy. it stopped off for a few days then came back light for a further couple of weeks so id say what you are experiencing sounds pretty normal.