Mid cycle bleeding

Here I am again...

so so a little update on me:

in january, 7 weeks after having my 2nd baby I had my check up smear due to having a LLetz in '13 and missing my check up due to be being pregnant.

it came back with borderline abnormalities so had another colposcopy. The consultant said she found nothing and I probably had my smear too early after baby.

Check up due in 1 year.

however, I've been thrown off course. I'm regular like clockwork, I even know when I'm ovulating. The other day, mid cycle, I found brown stringy discharge. The next day, it turned to a light bleed. Then it stopped, now it's back with the discharge and brown. My first instant thoughts are early signs of cervical cancer. Can things change that quickly in 4 months? From normal to this? I also have been tested positive for HPV.

my doc said it's probably nothing to worry about - not helpful!! 

Hi pinkprada uk.

I am on the coil so don't really get periods now but before then i was bleeding for 3 weeks

Then not at all then would be light. Had laparoscopy but all clear

Then after had coil in i went from nothing to nasty spotting then to nothing with nasty p pains

Then to heavy then back to nothing. 

Smear came back clear.

I had anothe smear in feb (3 years later) and i hve cin3

So got to have lletz eugh. Push your dr for tests if you are not sure

But could just be an infection or thrush ( can cause bleeding) 

Hope this helps x