first smear post lletz

Hi ladies. 

Before I start, I just want to thank you all for this site, all the ladies who reassured me pre-lletz, you're all angels! I'm very grateful. 


Yesterday, I had my first smear post-lletz. Yesterday evening and this afternoon,  I noticed a bit of spotting in my underwear. I'd had a bit of cramping but thought it was normal (considering I'd had a smear anyway) and they were nowhere near as bad as my usual cramps. 

Has anyone else had this after the lletz? If I spot any tomorrow I'll be calling the doctor but just wanted to see how common it is before making a fuss! 

Thanks in advance! 

Manda x

Hi Manda,

I'm in a similar boat, I had my first post-lletz smear on Thursday and I had to wear pads for 2 days due to spotting.  I also had cramp after the smear, but the same as you nowhere near as bad a usual period pains.

I've been worried that it means something is wrong, but I've tried my best not to jump the gun.  I'm trying to put it to the back of my mind whilst I wait for the results.

Did you call your doctor for any advice?

Best Wishes,

Laura x

Hi Laura, 

I did call the doctor. They told me that it can happen but if it lasted any longer than 48 hours then to make an appointment. Apparently even without lletz it's common for us to have a bleed due to the area being so sensitive (a frantic phone call with my mum told me that! ). I was worried that it was because of the lletz but thankfully it stopped by the Wednesday.

How are you feeling now? Hope it's stopped for you too,  it's more scary than uncomfortable really isn't it? 

Hope you're feeling better


Hi Manda,

That’s good news, I’m glad that it’s not uncommon. I’m back to normal now, it was just 2 days and then it stopped. Glad to hear it’s stopped for you too.

Just can’t wait to get the results letter now. Waiting is definitely the worst part.

All the best for your results.

Laura x

Hi Laura

So glad it settled down. It'll take us a while to get used to it I suppose!

Best of luck with your results too. I imagine they'll be delayed with the easter bank holiday and half term so we'll need to promise not to stress too much. Although I can't say I'm too happy with waiting either. One day they'll make an instant test and save us the worry!

Good luck

Manda x