Sooooo itchy!!!

Apologies in advance if this sounds a little too open and detailed but not many ways to explain it!

Last month when I had my punch biopsy, a 2-3 days later my vaginal entrance, labia and hymn was all red, swollen and very, very itchy.

I initially thought that I might have a slight infection as the colposcopy clinic had warned that this was common/likely after a biopsy.

I called my GUM thinking they would know best but they said: "Your cervix is much higher than that, it will be nothing to do with the biopsy, it's probably just a coincidence that it has occured around the same time". They referred my to my GP.

I eventually got an appointment at my GP and she said that it was caused from the speculum used to open me up (believable as the one she used was massive, nothing i am used to!! (lol) she said it will go away by itself and to be fair, it did.

Just had my loop biopsy on Monday and I am experiecing the same thing again but this time it is EXTREME. I have been up since 4:15 this morning as I could not sleep because of it.

I have tried using nothing, i tried using vagisal cream, I tried just wetting it with luke warm water - nothing is soothing it

Has anyone else experience this after a biopsy?

Any suggestions?


I've had the same thing every time I have a smear, colposcopy or treatment - itching and soreness. I think it might be a reaction to the lubricant they use on the speculum , that's just me guessing though, it usually went away after a day or two but if it's really bad now you could ask your gp for a cream to use to soothe it.


I also had this & actually started to peel! I was told I'd had a reaction to the solution thy use to highlight the abnormal areas. 

I started with being quite irritated & sore whoch then went on to sting & seem very dry & eventually the skin around started to crack so that's when I went to my GP. Finally the sore area of skin started to peel & all got better from then on. 

I used a little bit of sudocream to soothbthe irritation

Sorry for all the typos but my phone doesn't seem to like writing on this site!

Hope your feeling more comfortable soon



Ive had this after both my biopsy and LLETZ - I assumed it was a touch of thrush - I didnt realise other people had also had it!

Its quite reassuring to know




I’m having itching and burning I’ve called my MIGS doc. I’m in the US and they are no help. They told me to wash it... I’ve gotten showers now about every 30 minutes. It’s worse when I pass the dark yellow paper like discharge. I think if I go for the LEEP ( which I’d like to skip) I’ll be telling them they can’t use that stuff on me again. Same reaction when I had my D&C but this is so much worse.


Hi I had the loop procedure and chronic inflammation removed just under three weeks ago. Still have the discharge, yellow kind of colour but the itching is driving me crazy. Anyone else experienced this after nearly three weeks?