Tenderness post punch biopsy

Hello folks. 


I had a colposcopy (1 month earlier than when my smear was due) as I've been suffering from pelvic pain/lower back and upper thigh pain for around a month. 

Due to my history my lovely GP had a look at my cervix 2 weeks ago and referred me for an urgent colposcopy. 

The gynecologist said it looked like an erosion but I did have tissue that took up the dye near to the area where I previously had treatment. 

So I had two punch biopsies taken, yesterday.

To be honest that was probably the most traumatic experience I've had through my whole journey of smears and LLETS treatment. I near enough jumped off the bed and being ginger, I bled... a lot. 

(I don't mean to put the frighteners in ladies. Yours probably won't be as bad). 

Anyway, the packing paste stuff applied has been fairly uncomfortable. And I'm very tender around the opening to my vagina. It's quite tender to touch on one side, which I think is a bit unusual as obviously the wound is further up. 


Just looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience with the tenderness before I annoy my practice nurse/the gyne' clinic. 





I had my colposcopy on Tuesday and 4 punch biopsies taken. I've not reallyrhad any pain, odd cramping and just started to lose the dye ect yesterday/today.

Hope you feel better soon, maybe worth a checking it's all ok as we do have risk of infection x