This one isn't for the faint hearted (pretty graphic!)

Hi ladies, 

So as not to offend anyone, I'm going to warn you now this is pretty gross - please excuse me.

I had my colposcopy and punch biopsy taken a week and a half ago. No results yet (taking that as a positive). Anyways this morning I had a wee and when I wiped there was a very dark green/ almost black lump of something!? Like a hard jelly. It definitely came out of my lady area and not anywhere else! 

As you can imagine I'm pretty freaked out! Could this be a kind of scab coming from where they took the biopsy? Has anyone else had this? Am I just falling apart one piece at a time!?

I'm sorry to have to post this - but  fairly worried! 

Thanks x

Nobody on here gets grossed out ;) I think it might be the solution that they use to seal the site of the biopsy, think it's called silver nitrate. It comes away after about a week, this is like a grey colour I think, so hopefully it's that. Aslong as there is no pain and no smell, and obviously this just happend the once then I think you should be fine, keep an eye on it and if any more occurances happen then call your gp xx

Hi the above is correct. Had punch biopsy 2 weeks ago and a week after had what you described. Freaked me out too. Sort of dark grey, jelly like. Only had the once. 

Thanks guys! Feel much better now I know its normal :)