Cervix Punch Biopsy


i am after a little bit of advice or reassurance!

i have loop treatment back in 2013 where they removed 15 mm of my cervix- I then had a routine 6 month check up and was discharged! Since then I have had issues with my thyroid and I have not had any periods for a year however I have experienced slight bleeding after intercourse! I got referred back to colposcopy clinic and on my last visit which was last Tuesday I had a cervix punch biopsy as there were some potentially bad cells! Since then I have felt sore and bruised and have developed what I believe to be is thrush! I just wondered if there was any one else that had experienced thrush after this treatment?

thanks in advance xx


I did after my first punch biopsy. I don't know if it was the acid/liquids or whatever it is they put on it to highlight the cells... I don't know! They treat you for one thing and you end up having to sort yourself out for something else! I would keep an eye on it just incase. Watch out for a fever etc just to avoid mistaking an infection, but I'm sure you will be fine as I was.

Luckily for my second punch biopsy I have been absolutely fine. 


I had a colposcopy on 23rd December'14 and had 2 puch biopsies that evening i felt like my ladies bits were burning and itchy i put this down to the vinegar solution they use to make the cells show up it felt like this from my Ureatha all the way to my bottom as tho it had been sprayed everywhere this lasted till the morning, I had a bit of mucus like discarge for a 2 or 3 days after then it seamed to stop however the first time that me and hubby induldged about a week later i got the same burning feeling insantly as tho something had bursted and there was some bloody mucus so we left sex for a couple of weeks i'm now 4 weeks down the line and all the burning has gone and i've got no discharge or anything like that just waiting for my letter to confirm the findings of the biopsies hope this answrs some of your questions the burning sensations reminded me of Thrush 


Thank you! I feel better now I felt like I was the only one to potentially get thrush after it! I had googled it and couldn't find any forums to indicate that this could happen so I feel better now! Thanks ladies xx