so scared help!

Hello im Sarah, iam a single mum to a 3 year old daughter. I went to my dr last week with some horrible symtoms, such as pain on intercourse, bleeding constantly for 6 weeks and period like pain daily, smeely discharge just before a period and after a period. im so exhausted and just want to sleep so much. my blood test was taken the same day and came back as borderline on FBC?? i have been urgently referred to colposcopy as my GP looked at my cervix and has seen a large "growth".....

im waiting to hear from the colposcopy unit as referral sent last week. Im so scared that I have CC and just want my appointment ASAP so i know what im dealing with.

In your expereinces and stories can you tell me what to expect at the colposcopy unit and does it sound like CC or could i just have a cyst of some kind?


Thank you in advance for your support

Hi Sarah,

So sorry that you are in this position. It is very scary, I know.

When you go for your colposcopy appointment, they will explain what they are going to do before they do it. I know some women on here had a different experience to me, but I found the doctor and nurse who dealt with me very sympathetic and kind, so please don't get into too much of a state or jump too far ahead with 'what ifs'. This is about finding out what's going on and getting the right treatment.

You lie on a couch of the sort that you would have seen when you are pregnant with your feet in stirrups. I think I wore a long tshirt and stretchy leggings to my appointment so I just slipped off my leggings and pants and pulled my top up a bit. They were very good about covering me up so I didn't feel too exposed. The nurse chatted to me and help my hand while the doctor was at the business end. 

They will use a speculum to hold your vagina open so that they can see your cervix and then will use a light and a camera thing to have a close-up look. Nothing apart from the speculum is inside you at that point - the image is projected onto a screen that the doc looks at. They may or may not offer show you too and its up to you if you want to look.

After that it all depends on what they see as to what comes next. They may need to paint some chemicals onto your cervix to help them see what's going on. If you do have a growth they will probably want to give you a local anaesthetic and take a little sample. They may even say they want to do a procedure whereby they remove a larger piece of your cervix (LLETZ) under local anaesthetic then and there or they can do it later under a local or general.

It might be a good idea to take someone with you to take you home afterwards - I thought I was just going for some tests, went on a very bouncy bus and regretted it later! Even if you don't want them in the room with you, you a sympathetic friend who will drive you then get you home safely and make you a cuppa is a godsend.

Whatever happens, the things is to focus on getting more information so you can get treated and get on with your life, whatever it is that you turn our to have.

One step at a time! x

Hello sarah

so sorry to here about your situation. I also went to doctors with bleeding after intercourse and was sent for a colposcopy. I was bloody dreading it to be honest. The doctor was lovely who did it and I also had 4 nurses in. Some was students. Everyone looking at my bits lol.the doctor took a biopsy which I honestly didn't feel. They injected me before which felt a warm sensation but it didn't hurt. To be honest for me it was the embarrassment more than anything but now after all the checkups and treatment I've had it really doesn't bother will be absolutely fine im sure.I hope your results will be fine. Keep us informed. Fingers crossed for you xx

Thank u guys so much it really means a lot to have your support and words of wisdom. You have made me feel stronger and not alone. I'm having some awful pain in my lower tummy so spoke to coloscopy unit today who said will call me tomorrow to arrange an urgent appointment. I'm so scared that if these are cc symptoms then it would mean I'm in the later stages! God think I'm going to need you girls x