So scared of colposcopy

I had a smear done two weeks ago within days I had a letter saying abnormal & urgent referral I panicked. I rang the hospital and was eventually told my results were severe my appointment for a colposcopy came through last Thursday for today. I'm terrified mainly because I've been so stupid in leaving it 11 years since my last smear (I could slap myself for that alone) it's weird as my mum had CC whilst pregnant with me so I should know better but it scared me so much I didn't go.

Now I'm so scared I'm going to walk in that room today and they will say it's CC ? How common is that to happen at a first appointment ? I've read so much on here and your all so brave and very helpful xx

Hi Dawnie,

We are brave when we need to be, that's all. You will find that if you need to be brave, you will be. Try not to worry about what may or may not happen in the future, just deal with the present. Easier said than done, I know, I terrify myself twice a year.

Try not to beat yourself up about missed smear tests in the past, the past is the past, the future is the future, you only need deal with the now. Walk in that room today and hopefully you will be walking out more relieved and relaxed than you have been for the last few days.

Be lucky


Hi Dawnie,

As Tivoli said, try not to worry about the what if's or the worst case scenarios. I have been away all summer in Turkey and came home the end of october with pains in my lower back. Went to GUM clinic and was urgently referred to see gyno who confirmed in his opinion i have CC. It is absolutely awful but you know what, im in the best hands now and I know i am going to get sorted. Yes you may have waited 11 years since your last smear but that doesnt mean youve had something for 11 years!

Im now treating everything i go through as hurdles and each time i clear one i give myself a good old pat on the back. And one day i will clear that last hurdle and run to the finish line that is the rest of my life! Please try and stay positive as much as you can!

Wishing you lots of luck!

Libby xx

I agree we are brave when we have to be it's fight or flight. The thought of a cancer diagnosis seemed so much more scary than the reality something clicks and you just think let's do this. I was pretty much diagnosed at colposcopy. But cervical cancer is rare and not going for your smear is not something to focus on its done now and some women go for every smear and still get a cancer diagnosis. One step at a time is all you can, all through my treatment I've just dealt with it a bit at a time because you have no choice but to go and face it. The colposcopy itself it's just like a smear although I call it three men and a torch lol a wee bit of humour always helps me. Best of luck xx

Today went well I think, I had Lletz treatment and I was told it was a small area and looked to be just on the surface. The dr said I can go back next week and get the results from him so I guess this is good news ?

That's fab news. He will look for clear margins now and that will be it over with xx