So confused … HPV +ve after LLETZ

Hi everyone

I could really do with some help please.
In April 2021 I had my first ever ‘abnormal’ smear test at the age of 37 showing hrHPV and high grade changes. Had my colposcopy appt a few days later and then the results took a couple of months after having to go to consultation which confirmed they had gotten everything.
I was called after 6 months to have my follow up smear which didn’t happen until Dec 24th. Thankfully the wait for my results was only 3 weeks but showed hrHPV and I’ve been booked an appointment for another colposcopy for treatment or investigation.
Although in the smear results letter it says no cell changes, in the colposcopy one it says changes noticed.
This time round I’m not scared of the colposcopy but now more the unknown. What are they actually looking for if you’ve had no cell changes?
I am high risk for cancer as it’s in my family genes and I already get regular colonoscopies so I feel this is just another one to stress me out.
I have been truly blessed with 3 beautiful healthy boys so do not want anymore children so quite prepared to have a hysterectomy as a prevention really as I’m already at higher risk.

I am also confused as to how I’ve got this as split from my husband over 3 years ago - so about 10 months after my previous smear on 2017/2018. Is my body just not getting rid of it?

I have been suffering from awful lower belly pains and back pain as well as abnormal discharge but have been waiting for a scan for over a year to figure out what’s going on. Could this be a side effect?

Would really appreciate any help as going on google not only isn’t answering my question it’s making me have more.


I imagine that this other colposcopy is simply a precaution. You mention that the first time round, the results showed they’d got rid of all the abnormality? But then your smear after that showed HPV, no abnormal cells. Abnormalities can be missed on smears so that’s why you’ll have another colposcopy to make sure, as you are still showing HPV.

It seems that a small number of people’s bodies don’t clear HPV after treatment so they have to go back again, but try not to worry about this. You’re being kept a close eye on and you’ll have treatment if necessary. My neighbour hasn’t had a sexual encounter in probably 20 years and had to have LLETZ last month as her recent smears have been showing as HPV positive. She is a heavy smoker though, so perhaps her immune system is compromised.

With the abdominal pain, hopefully you’ll receive a scan soon to check what’s going on there. It’s probably not related to your smear results, but definitely chase that up if you’ve been waiting over a year.

Hello I am also HPV positive after my 6 months Lletz check but no abnormalities. I had colposcopy and no abnormalities. Hopefully next check will be negative, some of us just need a little longer to clear it after Lletz. Hopefully your colposcopy will go well take care.