6 Month Follow-up Smear, now HPV

Hi all,


So back in February I had my first ever smear test (at aged 25) and my results came back as having high-grade abnormal cells and went for my LLETZ procedure, results came back and I was all good!


So, a couple of weeks ago I went for my 6-month follow-up smear test, and my results came back that I now have HPV, and I have to go to the hospital for a colposcopy. 


All I am wondering is what is going on, as I have never had any of the symptoms at all, and I am very confused as to what this means? Will this mean that I will be at high-risk forever? What about my boyfriend, will a constantly pass him it?

I feel stupidly stressed out, as I just don't think there is enough information online? Has anyone had an experience similar that could maybe shed some light?


Thanks xoxo




I had the exact same results, when I got my 6 month follow up test I was told they have now changed the test to look for HPV first and then abnormal cells, in my last test they never even tested me for HPV and I knew nothing about it. When my results came I was told I have HPV but no abnormality but still had to go for a colposcopy and like you I FREAKED OUT, and started looking into it more which then made me feel worse :( I went to my doctors to ask why the colposcopy and she said it's standard procedure if you are high risk HPV, I don't know why the results letter can't say this.

Try not to worry, they are just keeping an eye on you and will look to make sure that everything looks good after your Lletz and that you've healed well.

There are no HPV symptoms and it can also lay dormant for years. Your immune system should fight it but sometimes our bodies have trouble clearing it which leads to cell abnormalities. I looked into all sorts of natural healing remedies and now take some supplements to help boost my immune system.

As for your boyfriend I also panicked about mine, I asked the doctor for advise and she basically told me don't worry, but that's just because there are no tests for guys. I sat him down and talked to him about it so that I gave him the information that he deserves and then it was up to him if it worried him or if he wanted to do anything about it. We also now practise safer sex until I have another smear and no longer have HPV. 

There is not enough information out there because there is no cure and all you will find is information about the vaccines which is why I looked into natural healing :)

Good luck with your colposcopy!

Jodie x

Hi Jodie,


Thank you so much for your reply it has given me peace of mind!