Still have abnormal cells

Hi all,

Just joined in a bit of a panic.

I had an abnormal smear with high risk hpv in March 2021, colposcopy in April 2021. I got a letter saying there were clear margins and to get a routine smear 6 months later.

This should have been done in Nov 2021 but due to other medical conditions (unrelated) and Covid meaning much longer wait for a smear, I didn’t get this until end January 2022.

Had my results today and again it says high risk HPV and abnormal cell changes. I’m am feeling sick and shaky with anxiety……

Does this mean that I could have had these abnormal cells growing for the last year? Even with clear margins??

I called the dr surgery in a panic but then we’re due to close and no dr available to speak to me until Monday morning. I was so distressed that the receptionist quickly spoke to the dr and she came back and said that all she can say at this time is that the changes are non-cancerous but if I wanted more detail to call back on Monday.

Can they really tell from a smear that it’s non cancerous? Tbh at this stage the colposcopy/lletz doesn’t bother me, I’m more worried of worst case scenario and looking for some reassurance that it’s unlikely to be cancer given there were clear margins after my lletz?

Dear Laura,

Your smear will have identified the degree of cell changes and even if the doctor had not said they were ‘non-cancerous’ the likely hood of cancer in so short a time is remote. It is likely that your cell changes are either borderline, CIN1 or CIN2. Your margins were clear from the April procedure , which is good - I presume you had a LLETZ and you would have been told along with the results what degree of CIN was found. It may be that because HPV is still active there have been some borderline changes since April 2021. You will, I’m afraid, need to wait until Monday to know whether they recommend another LLETZ or whether it may resolve on it’s own. In the meantime there is one thing you do know - you’ve not got cancer. It will be dealt with. X

Hi Jacks

Thank you so much for the reassurance.

Yes I had a lletz last April. I don’t think they told me which type of CIN it was (or I don’t remember). I had the lletz private as I have insurance through work and I just had a letter saying there were clear margins and that I should go back to my GP for a follow up smear when due.

I should’ve paid more attention but I was just so relieved at the time. I wasn’t long out of hospital after being in A&E due to the area haemorrhaging and needing a blood transfusion, so I wasn’t as focussed as I should’ve been!

I feel much better after reading your reply but I’ll call my GP and the private consultant on Monday to get a bit more info. Thanks so much x