Test of Cure after LLETZ- HPV + and abnormal cells

I am 28 and had my first abnormal smear last July with HPV and CIN 1 and 2. LLETZ done with clear margins. 

Just had test of cure smear done at 6 months (although later than 6 months due to COVID) and it has come back with HPV and abnormal cells again. 

Feel like I am back to square one and it's an awful feeling. Anyone out there had a similar experience - good or bad? 

Dear bgc, 

So sorry you are going through this again.  Even if I don't have the same experience I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

My case is pretty identical to yours.  I am 27, and was diagnosed with CIN 1 and focal CIN 2.  I have my LLETZ scheduled for the 31st.  (yay-not)

Have they scheduled you for a colposcopy already?

From what my nurses have told me, they don't really have an answer as to why the abnormal cells re-occur.

Keep in mind however that even if your smear picked up ubnormal cells, it does't mean that will be the same as previously.

It could be a case of having borderline changes or CIN1 which could go away on its own.  By all means I am not a clinician, but the best you can do is think of the positive scenarios at this moment. 

Hope everything goes well ❤️

Thank you! 

My letter said that I will receive a letter from the hospital with a date for my colposcopy, but I am yet to hear from them. I've also heard of long back logs so might be a while before I get it all checked out! 

I suppose I feel deflated that I will either have to take a watch and wait approach or have another LLETZ depending on what they find... and I don't want to do either haha! 

Good luck with your LLETZ, I didn't find it as scary as I thought it might be and I healed well too! I'll keep an eye out to see if you post with an update on your treatment.

I did have this same sort of results.  I had CIN2 and CIN3, so I had a cold knife cone biopsy to remove them.  We then closely monitored--my first checkup after my biopsy came back CIN I.  So did my second.  Then, my third came back CIN III and turned out to be cervical cancer.  They don't know why some people clear it and some people get these persistent infections.  I am sorry you are going through this, but probably with CIN2,they will do another LLETZ--it does not tend to regress, so they don't want to leave it there.  Hopefully this one will take care of it,and the good news is, you are being closely moniotored which is essential with these sorts of issues.


Best of luck and keep us posted.

Thanks LaurieBeth! 

Received my letter and my colposcopy is in two weeks which means I don't need to wait too long. 

I'm sorry to hear about your story and hope that your check up goes well in September. I am so grateful for this forum to give and receive such amazing support. Fingers crossed that all will be okay, and if not and least I have you guys xx

Hey bgc,

Was wondering if you've had your appointment yet and how did it go?
I went through my LLETZ on Friday, you were right, it wasn't too bad, the stress over the whole thing is probably the worse part.
Hope you've had some good news!!


The stress and anxiety is definitely awful! 

Had my appointment and they took two biopsies of the abnormal area so sitting and waiting for the results again. Waiting is one of the worst parts too! 

I'm glad the LLETZ went well and that your recovery was good. Hopefully the results will show they got it all.