two lletz treatments and still abnormal cells

Hi all,


I've beend browsing this formum for a while and decided to share my own story and maybe get some feedback :)

I went for a smear in Aug 2011 wich came back as abnormal and was referred to the colposcopy cinic. they diagnosed CIN 3 and I had a lletz a month later.  At my six month check up I was told there were still abnormal cells but they would leave them be and hope they would clear up themselve, alas no! Six months later I was told I had CIN 3 again and I needed a scond round of LLetz which surely would get rid of all of those missed bad cells. 

So I went for a check up in November and the results were abnormal cells and I was told to come back in April of this year to check on them.

Now I am fed up! I've not worried the whole time until now. My friends and family just tell me its sooo common and not to worry cause the doctor can keep doing lletz if the abnormal cells have returned, Great!!

So i didnt worry, until now.  Am I being naive in thiniking ah this is grand sure it happens all the time or should I be preparing myself for something worse?  I wasnt given info on margins and in November they tested for HPV but I never received my result.  Is having HPV a thing i should know about?

I'm 30 with no children by the way.


Thanks for taking the time to read and any feedback / comments / suggestions are very welcomed and much appreciated.



Kate xx

Update: I rang the hospital and they confirmed that I am hpv positive.

Anyone?!! :)


Hi, your situation is a wee bit different from mine, but i totally get where you are coming from, Espec with the feeling of being fed up, all i want is a straight answer! I would think though that as you are being monitored 6 monthly then the chances of it being anythding more sinister than CIN is quite low. I would maybe see if you can speak to your consultant and see if there are any other treatment options, from what i gather they usual have to wait that long to allow the cervix to fully heal but Lletz every 6 months is not something that fills me with joy, but needs must and all that! HPV is a really common virus and from what i understand it can be the virus that leads to the abnormal changes, and most women will have it at some point and the body usually combats it itself. I know i am not being much help, but i didnt want to leave you hanging! Xx

Thanks milkbottle!! 

I think all of a sudden yesterday I got very anxious about the whole situation, but I know it's a waiting game and there really is no set answer. 

When I rang today for hpv results the nurse explained how they thought the low grade abnormalities found in nov might be 'left overs' from the cin 3 and they are hoping that by April they will be cleared up. Fingers crossed.


Thanks again!! Xx

Got my fingers and toes crossed for you! I know what you mean, some days it just goes out of my mind, but now I only have a couple of weeks till my next appointment it starts to play on my mind a bit! Your call today sounds a bit more positive then, its good when you phone and get a nurse that can help, i get frustrated when i phone and it just feels like they fob you off. April will be here before you know it! Xxx

Thanks! Best of luck to you with your next appointment! Xx

Hi kate, am sorry to hear youve gone thru two rounds of lletz and possibly having to deal with more.  Ive had one round caused by hpv, was clear after but now currently dealing with abnormal smears, so dreading having another round.  Positive part is you are in the system and being monitored.  Stay positive and best of luck.

I think its really hard what you have been through I'm sorry you had to go through LLets twice already, I am finding it difficult to get my head around also. I'm so fed up with getting no definative answers and then being told not to worry. I had cone biopsy after a CIN3 result after my first smear and now my last 2 smears have show abnormailties so Im waiting to have a colposcopy again now. I'm dreading having to go through the treatment again I found it so awful the last time. Hope things go ok for you x