Abnormal smears after LLETZ

There seems to be a lot of people going through this here at the moment, so I thought I'd update (and maybe reassure?).

I had LLETZ for CIN2 with clear margins in August after a high grade smear. Consequently I was expecting a clear smear this month and was upset to get low grade with high risk HPV. I had my colposcopy today (I know I'm not allowed to mention particular NHS Trusts here, but I love my local hospital - they are brilliant at seeing you quickly). 

Before I had the colposcopy I asked if this result is rare and she said no, HPV can take 24 months to clear. I asked if it meant my HPV was especially virulent/likely to result in disease and she said no.

The colposcopy showed the tiniest area of mildly abnormal cells. She said she is very confident it will revert on its own and didn't even take a biopsy. I said please, please I'd rather have another LLETZ than have any danger and she said, no, I'd never put you at risk, I am confident you are fine. Next smear in 12 months.

So that's good!

Hopefully reassuring for others too x

Thanks Libby for such a reassuring post, I'm sure that many here will take great comfort from it.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Libby, thanks, that's definitely good to know! Some doctors don't give such reassurance, it sounds like your doctor really understands how much women fret over this. Thanks again, I've a check up in June and will definitely keep your post in mind :-)