Persistent HPV and cell changes

Hi all I have posted a couple of times before over the last couple of years but feel I need to do a new post.
So bit of back story, had normal smears up until 2 years ago. Abnormal smear HPV+ and low grade cell changes. Went to colposcopy and they said CIN 1 wait a year and return. A year later CIN 3 and CGIN. Had a Lletz under general as my anxiety got the better of me. Clear margins. Went for TOC in November last year and HPV+ and borderline cell changes so return in 6 months and repeat. I’ve got my appointment for another smear/colposcopy in 2 weeks time and wondered if anyone else has experienced similar?
I feel so deflated and just want to cry, I keep thinking why me? Why can’t my body clear it? Do you know what will happen this time?
Thanks for reading

Hi Marie, im so sorry to read your post and the hard time you’re having. I really hope things will go well for you in 2 wks time. I was HPV+ with no abnormal cell changes Mar 22 and Mar 23 and referred for 1st colposcopy in 2 wks time. Im very anxious about it all tbh, no idea what it will be like or what il be told. At this stage i guess its good you’re being closely monitored. Its such a worrying time. Im sorry i have no advise but didnt want to read and not post something. Wishing you best of luck at your next app Marie,xx

Hi sorry to hear your going through this.
I’m the same. Dec 2018 hpv+ plus mild cell changes, so forwarded to colposcopy.
Had lletz treatment biopsy, Colposcopy confirmed cin1. Toc 6 months later showed no cell changes but still hpv+. Smear in dec 2021 hpv+ mild cell changes. April 2022 lletz treatment biopsy confirmed cin1.
Toc then in oct 2022 showed hpv+ and high grade cell changes. Missed my referall due to postal strikes. That was fun :joy: so dec 2022 I finally went colposcopy. This time I just had a biopsy as after allready 2 lletz they want to edge on side of caution. Plus my results will go to mdm meeting to be discussed. My biopsy came back clear. So was booked for Toc in June 2023. However after the mdm they decided I needed to be called back I. For lletz. I went 2 weeks ago.
So I am
Now on 3rd lletz I have nothing left now, however I should state I am awaiting a hystorectomy as I have endometriosis. So the colposcopy showed only mild changes on my cervix but he did find a patch on the vagina l cuff which has unfortunately been the cause of what has been throwing my smear to high grade back last year.
I am now waiting results and he has told me my surgery for hystorectomy will most likely be rushed through now.
Obviously my case is different as in I am allready waiting for a hystorectomy so I want it all gone and after not clearing hpv for 5 years.
Don’t panic like i said mine is different as my hystorectomy is due to my endometriosis rather than cell changes. But this hpv is persistent, I am thinking of trailing things I have read about of here to see if it will clear it out of my system.
I hope you get on ok at your appiomnet.

Hi there
Thank you both for your replies, I just feel so alone! I know it’s very common to be HPV+ and have cell changes but all the info points to it clearing itself and Lletz being successful the majority of the time :disappointed:
I know I need to just get on with it but I feel like it’s never going away and it’s just a matter of time before they tell me I have cancer :disappointed:

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Hi @Marie try not to worry yourself too much over this after an anxious 11weeks i got my biopsies today to say abnormaltiies was found but due to the lletz i had on the day they feel it was suffiecnt to clear it il return in 6 months for TOC im scared an relieved an one thing iv learned is this is all very common your not on your own only thing keeps me positive is knowing im being monitered xx

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Hi all

I tested postive for CIN 3 probably 6/7 years ago now. Was referred for a LLETZ procedure and pleased to say all was removed and my smear were all clear until …
I tested positive for HPV in 2021 and 2022 and had my latest smear April 2023 where I was negative for abnormal cells but still positive for HPV!
I was referred for a colposcopy which I had today. It wasnt painful just a little uncomfortable. A liquid dye is put onto your cervix (its cold) to show up any abnormal cells and then the doctor has a look through a microscope at your cervix/cells.
Sadly I have abnormal cells again and have had a biopsy and the results will take 2-3 weeks.
I was worried about the colposcopy but it really was ok. The lovely nurse spoke to me throughout and the Doctor kept me informed about what he was doing and that I was in control of this and he would stop any time it hurt, which it didnt.
I was like you Marie and wondered why my body isnt fighting it as im healthy and never really poorly apart from bugs and Covid!
The only thing i should of asked but didnt was why my smear was negative but abnormal cells have been found now? Dont be afraid to ask questions when you are there.
Im not going to lie, i am worried about the results but will deal with that when they are through and for now im enjoying a glass of rosè.
I hope this has helped any of you that are worried. Take care

I have had 2 years of HPV with no cell changes, Ive just had another smear and awaiting the results. I have been so anxious over these smears for the last 3 years and havent let my husband anywhere near me. :pensive:

Thank you for all your replies. My appointment got cancelled so it’s now on this coming Tuesday! Trying to just put it to the back of my mind and tell myself I cannot change anything by worrying about it!
I’ve already said to myself that I’m having my smear and colposcopy check and if they want to do anything else I’ll ask for a GA, colposcopies have traumatised me so much and I’m now on medication for the anxiety :worried:

Hi everyone, just to update. I have done another post about this, but just to say have had my appointment at the end of June and still waiting for results now, feeling really fed up and deflated.

Hi , wishing you all the best .
I too have just had first colposcopy/ punch biopsy and am now waiting the 4 weeks. It took me by surprise as my smears where negative but hpv positive so i was very much hoping for a clear colposcopy. Although i am in overthinking mode i remind myself these are the reasons we have tests and encourage our daughters to do the same, prevention better than cure eveytime . Sue xx