Colposcopy Anxious


I had my first smear leading to colposcopy 5 years ago which returned HPV positive with CIN1.
I did not receive any treatment for this.
I then went on to have a HPV positive with no cell abnormalities smear.
I had a baby and did not attend my years recall.
I received another smear after the baby which again was HPV positive and no cell abnormalities. I again was on a years recall. In total I have had yearly smears since my first ever one-
1 - HPV + CIN 1
2 - HPV +
3- HPV +
4- HPV +
This triggered another colposcopy, the colposcopist was able to see ‘cell changes’ she described, she had the screen turned away from me throughout. And a biopsy was taken. This was on the 5th of August and I have not yet heard back. I am anxious that the smear tests have been showing no cell changes and yet she could see them throughout the colposcopy. Has anyone had a similar experience? And is the length of time I have waited for results positive? i.e would they have been in touch sooner if there was a concern? Thank you.

Little update on this-
Called the clinic for some reassurance and she said they’ve pulled my results today but they can’t tell me anything until next week. Anxiety level 100 :neutral_face: x

Just seeing your post now Lilmiss, did you get your results yet? I had colposcopy and LLETZ at the end of July and still haven’t got results. I really don’t think the timeframe reflects good or bad news, it’s just a slow system and quite often the results have to be run past a multi disciplinary team. x

Completely understandable that you’re worried I’m only 1 week post lletz and extremely impatient for results. I’ve read so many different experience of waiting times though and it may be that the reason for next week is it needs to be assessed by the team due to discrepancies between smear and lletz results? I really hope you get some answers soon. Keeping busy lst week helped but I was then exhausted and have no energy for anything, the brain overdrive thing is not a happy one, sending love xx