Concerned and confused - advice very welcome

Nearly 4 years ago I had abnormal smear result and referred for colcoscopy. CIN2 was found and I had the loop treatment to remove the cells..I think this is called LLETZ?

Since then my yearly smear has been fine, until the latest earlier this month. No abnormal cells but have tested positive for high risk HPV. I didn't even know they test for that! Have been referred for a colpcoscopy again but i'm worried that for the last couple of months I've had irregular bleeding. On the progesterone only pill so don't get periods.
Is is possible to not show abnormal cells but still have cancer? I'm worried why I've been referred for colcoscopy?

Any advice would be really appreciated. :-)

Hello Amy.  I think they would routinely test for HPV following your Lletz 4 years ago. Cervical cancer is caused by HPV therefore I would say that because you are high risk they will most always carry out the treatment  in the hope of getting rid of it.  2 of my smears, 6 months apart did not show abnormal cells, just slight cell changes, the 3rd, after another 6 months showed abnormal cells - no HPV.  I was diagnosed after colposcopy - the abnormal cells were higher up the cervix and harder to detect. 15 - 20% of ladies will present like this.  Please do not be scared by what I've just said here - every case is different.    Some ladies will have more than one colposcopy following results of smear tests.  Hopefully other ladies will reply to you to give reassurance.

Best Wishes

Thank you for your message. I just spoke to my GP about the results and he said there was nothing to alarm him and apparently the nurse who took the smear wrote in her notes that my cervix appeared to look healthy. I was just concerned because I thought you only had a colcoscopy if they had found abnormal cells.

My hospital appointment is not for another 3 weeks so I guess I'll just have to wait and try not to worry.