Smelly discharge after LLETZ biopsy. Please help... Is this normal

Hi Guys 

I had a LLETZ biopsy on 17th August. Since then I have had no bleeding, but watery discharge that is really smelly. Alsmost like BV virus smelly. 

I cannot have a sanitary towel on for more than a couple of hours before having to change it. My partner says he cant smell anything, but I am so aware of it. 

I have read some peoples comments but was wondering is this normal. 



Do i need to call the doctors 

Hi chick, mine was so bad, I had a watery yellow discharge and an awful smell, that bad i was worried others could smell it, my friend did so I wen for swabs but there was no infection, get checked in case you need antibiotics am good luck x

I noticed a slightly strange smell for a while but it wasn't really awful & was only noticeable to me, I was told a really bad or strong odor is a sign of infection so I would get in touch with your doctor just in case.  All the best *hug*

Smelly discharge seems to the the norm, if you start bleeding alot or feeling unwell double check for infection. Xxx