Smelly watery 'discharge'

sorry TMI..

i had LLETZ 8 days ago and I've been having very very

watery light brown tinged discharge..

if I can even call it discharge, it's literally like water it seems.

And it has a very odd abit 'off'. It's not really foul but

its certainly not a pleasant smell!

I've read mixed things, not sure whether this is normal or not??


Hi Anna,

It sounds like you could have an infection, give either the hospital a call or your GP and they will advise, and maybe prescibe you some antibiotics.

Hi Anna,

I have been having exactly the same, its so horrible! I phoned the hospital yesterday about it as I was concerned about the smell!

The hospital advised me that it is normal and said - imagine you have scraped your knee, it becomes a bit watery before it is trying to scab, this is what your cervix is doing and what you can see.

She advised me to hang on a bit (I had LLETZ 8 days ago) and give it another week or 2 to see if it stops. She did say that if the smell does become unbearable and the watery discharge turns a greeny colour I need to go see my GP.

Also, if the smell and discharge doesnt calm down in 1, 2, or even 3 weeks then go to the doctor as it may be B.V due to the dyes they use when completing LLETZ.

I wish the hospital told me all this whilst I was having it done! I might have felt more normal then!

Hope that helps!






Hi Anna 

I have been experiencing the same thing and it's been horrible. Such a disgusting smell and I started to get paranoid about it 

Mine started about 8 days after LLETZ and I started to wonder if I had some sort of infection starting although I felt fine. I called the hospital for advice as I'd read mixed things, and was told to contact my GP which wasn't possible   to get an appointment ! 

Waited a few days and it's now not as bad - also thanks to Louise for her advice on here it's helped to reassure me a bit too .- its nice to know I'm not alone in all this as that's how it feels sometimes . 

Take care girls x



I had llets 5 days ago... been having to change myself every half an hour due to the water discharge. Today i went to A&E because the smell is awful. Had bloods done and shows i have an infection. Been given some huggeee anti biotics x x fingers crossed all will b ok x