Post Colposcopy - discharge

Hoping someone can help. I had LLETZ a week ago Monday, and have had a very strong and very unpleasant discharge since. I started my period a few days after but it only lasted a 2 days and was heavy. Then today I have started bleeding again and the smell is still there and very strong, so much so I am feel really uncomfortable at work that people can smell me. Has anyone had this? I am wondering if I need to go to the doctors but would rather not waste their time if it's normal. Thank you 

If I were you I would get it checked out just in case you have an infection. 

I had lletz last year twice and in both occasions a few days later probably a week I had discharged and an unpleasant smell it does go but you are conscious that everyone can smell you when in fact they can't . If it lasts a while I would get checked then as that's also a sign of infection.x