Smell of cancer

Im new here & really worried
I saw a doctor in colposcopy yesterday as I was referred to see a gynaecologist after an mri scan for my bowel back in Nov showed some small cysts on the cervix.
I have been having bad back pain & discharge but also hadn’t had a period for a couple of months. As Im 42 I thought it was perimenopause.
When she did the colposcopy she said my discharge was very worrying & the smell was a smell she has found indicates cancer!
She couldn’t see anything on the outer cervix so is doing an urgent mri & hysteroscopy.

Has anyone ever heard of their discharge smelling like cancer?

Hello Beckyboo, sorry that you have found yourself here. I know that cancer does cause a very watery yellowish discharge… mine was copious amounts, changing my pads every few hours daily. It didn’t have a particular smell except for one time after a pelvic exam where I guess things were “stirred up” and it smelled very sour, almost like vinegar and rubbing alcohol… a very weird smell. Not sure if this is the same thing your doctor is talking about.

Are you having any spotting or bleeding? I hope your results come back quickly; the waiting is so hard.

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