help! I think i have cervical cancer. Doctors think im fine.

My underwear is wet and soaked with a foul odor everyday for about 2 years and the doctors have ran several tests and everything comes back normal. I call the doctor and go to the doctor all the time about this and they think I need to talk to a therapist because they don't think anything is wrong. I also bled lightly for 2 months and I have irregular periods. I'm scared that I have cervical cancer because these are the symptoms of cervical cancer. I had an abnormal pap smear in my early 20s and its been normal ever since. The doctors don't think its cervical cancer but ive read about women who had the same symptoms as me and they also had normal paps and tests but it turned out to be cervical cancer later on. Ive also read about women who cured cervical cancer naturally through green smoothies and fruit and vegetable diet so I want to try eating healthy to cure it just in case I have cervical cancer. has anybody else experienced the watery discharge meaning wet underwear sometimes soaked underwear with a foul odor and irregular bleeding? What kind of test should I ask the doctors to run next if they've already ran pap smears and vaginal ultrasound?

It sounds like you have had most tests that would show up CC although I'm no expert! But I do experience the discharge although never smelly. It can be clear / watery other times a little thicker but perfect white. I went to the doctors & it came back clear no infections no nothing. Some woman just have more discharge than others I wouldn't be too alarmed by it if you have had tests done.