Odor comparable to death..

I’ve had a horrible odor recently that smells like rotting flesh…

I was diagnosed with HPV (non cancerous) last year…

But after reading all about HPV and the symptoms and getting all of my tests back negative I became worried.

Plus I’m more prone to things progressing into cancer as I already have hsv1+2 and I am a heavy smoker.

I feel like everyone around me can smell me. I stink even after a shower. I sweat a lot and everything itches and burns. Also there was a little bit of blood a couple times when I wiped yesterday. Yellowish and clear milky discharge too.

A few months ago I kept getting diarrhea almost daily / had stomach and abdominal pain on days I didn’t have my period… recently my period blood has been very dark or almost black… my stomach constantly looks bloated… just worried.

Confused because I got a gardasil shot but I guess it’s not effective against all strains :frowning:

I’m so sad. I can’t even go to work because I feel like everyone can smell me. People definitely know I smell bad and show it thru their body language ect and only admit it if I really press the issue… no one wants to tell someone they smell bad. I would tell someone if they asked me.

I’ve gone home crying many nights because of the issues with the odor and feel very alone and sad about it. I can’t even hangout with anyone let alone have sex with my boyfriend.

I really hope I don’t have cancer… thoughts? I go see my OBGYN tomorrow.

Hi hopefull

Ask your gynaecologist what you have asked us. He: she will almost certainly check you out. It could be that some of your symptoms might be unrelated ( stomach things are often stress related ?)
I really hope you get some answers.
Please keep posting. Are you in the UK ?
When you say HPV non cancerous do you mean the warts variety or that it is precancerous cell changes ?

Hi hopeful

One possible explanation is bacterial vaginosis (BV) which results in a very strong smelling discharge - usually described as fishy.

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer following symptoms which included a vaginal discharge. My discharge didn’t have a particularly offensive odour - it was so innocuous I ignored it for 3-4 months before going to the doc!

Good luck at the OBGYN tomorrow. Maybe write down everything you want to say beforehand so you don’t forget anything.


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