Odour, possible infection?

Hello, I’m new to all of this so please bear with me. 

I’m Danielle, 28, had my smear mid May and at the end of June I had a letter to tell me that my smear results had come back as high-grade abnormal.

lost my grandma beginning of May to ovarian cancer, so getting news that I may possibly have cancer, was very upsetting and worrying. Anyway, I had my colposcopy last Wednesday and had treatment there and then. I found it very uncomfortable, painful (when they numbed me), upsetting and emotionally draining. 

anyway, in the last few days ive noticed a smell. I’m not bleeding, haven’t bled at all yet in fact. But am getting watery discharge and the smell is coming from that. I now have a cold, chest infection and I’m getting hot and flustered a lot. I’m assuming the odour means an infection? I’m finding it embarrassing, as can smell it whilst I’m working and worrying that other people can too. 

please tell me im not alone with this? Is it normal to get an infection? I feel like I’m asking a stupid question. 

thank you in advance. 


Hi dan, I had similar symptoms after recent biopsies, unsure if it was infection but I was given antibiotics as a precaution after seeing gp abd all cleared up within a few days. Give the clinic or your gp a ring as you probably need a round of antibiotics too :-)