Unusual bleeding

Hi all, hoping someone might be able to offer some reassurance or advice. I have contacted my gp and have an appointment Monday but feeling really worried.

I started having some light spotting around a week ago. I’m not due on my period for another week or so. A day or two after I started bleeding more heavily and this lasted for about 2 days before stopping. Then I had some very light pink/discharge this afternoon. This evening I’ve had very dark, almost black blood/discharge on wiping. My tummy feels a bit different/sore, not period pains though. But, I’m sorry for too much info, this evening I have noticed honestly the most horrendous smell!! I have never smelt anything like this. Even after bathing.

Do you think this is an infection? If so what sort of infection, I don’t have any signs of a uti (I’ve had many before and it’s not that). No itching or anything.

I’m trying not to panic but I am beginning to worry about cervical cancer. I am up to date with my smear, I’m due in May to have another.

Any advice would be appreciated xx

Glad to hear you have an appointment on Monday - either for some answers or for a follow-up. The bleeding sounds upsetting, but it doesn’t sound like cervical cancer. If there is a horrible smell it does suggest there is some infection - do you have a coil fitted? I hope you can get some answers and relief quickly!