unable to have a smear test

Hi I'm new and this is my first post so again apologies if it isn't in the right place. I to recently when to my doctor as I have had irregular bleeding for well over a year now. I know it's a very long time but I was optimistic in thinking if I gave it time it would all settle down which it obviously hasn't. I went to work one morning and within 10 minutes of being there I was doubled over with agonising cramps that were building in intensity, I went straight to the toilet where I thought I was going to pass out, felt sick, sweaty and clammy. I thought maybe a just needed to go for a no.2 so to speak,  so I gave a little push but got a sudden pain in my lower stomach/top of bowel area that took my breath away! I went home to sleep it off and by the evening everything seemed ok. The next day however I noticed that when I sat down there was a feeling of pressure in the region I felt the pain. I decided to call the doctors to get it checked out so explained all the above to her. She asked if I'd had any kind of discharge which I had ranging from a pale pink, blood red, very dark almost black and brown coloured. Obviously with my periods being all over the place I had no idea what was a period or discharge but on the morning of my appointment I noticed a greenish colour that I hadn't seen before. She took a look and said she would take some swabs and do a smear test. She said the discharge was definitely coming from cervix and it was quite 'stringy'. She went on to do the smear test but she informed me she was unable to as my cervical entrance was to tiny to get the instrument in and as she touched it it started to bleed so she was making me a 'rush' gynae appointment to see if they could do it . I cant remember what she called it but something about staining cells? Obviously I'm really worried now and kicking myself that I never went sooner.  Since then though I have noticed the discharge is really smelly. So bad it makes me feel sick,  I can only describe it as something rotting!  I am constantly aware of it (as so is my dog!) I have to change panty liners frequently because I am so paranoid. I am so sorry for rambling on I was just hoping somebody has experienced something similar?  I am already preparing myself realistically if I'm told the worse I just would like a 'human' response to what I could be facing.

Hi hon,

that all sounds quite scary and stressful, but hopefully you will get seen soon and will at least know where you stand. The smell however sounds as though you might have a bit of an infection from the poking around so I would get to the doctors tomorrow for some antibiotics if I were you.

hope it all turns out to be something straightforward.


Molly xx

Hi Rachy, sounds like you have had the abnormal bleeding for some time but that the smelly discharge is more recent. I agree with molly, get urself onto ur gp and get them to check if there's a sign of infection. Hopefully they can give you some anti biotics to get any infection cleared up before you get your next appointment through. Try not too worry too much, it's easy to work yourself up but in factions are very common after they have been prodding and poking around

Good luck xx