Worried sick - pain and strange discharge

Hi all,

I apologize in advance for my slightly panicked post. Just here hoping for some reassurance really. I am seeing the gynecologist tomorrow, so hopefully will have answers then, but am incredibly worried so hoping to hear from some others beforehand.

For the last week I have been suffering with extreme, watery discharge. Color is an undefinable pale brown grey. I am going through 2-3 pads a day, and am generally feeling a little unwell - a bit like a mix of being on my period (lower back and groin pain, my typical symptoms), and sort of like I am getting the flu (a bit achey and chilly, but no fever). Pain in the pelvis and lower back has definitely been getting stronger these last couple of days and am now actually taking paracetamol.

My period ended around 2-3 days before this started. I have/had no unusual bleeding or spotting, nor pain during intercourse, and also no itching or burning. My last smear was 8 months ago, and all clear. But I am aware that a lot of women are diagnosed with CC despite clear smears.

The thing that has me worried is the smell of the discharge: it is not fishy in the slightest (which would indicate an infection) but smells foul and rotten. We all know what Dr Google says about that sort of smell!

I am unlikely to have forgotten a tampon, in case anyone was thinking that.

Just wondering: did anyone experience symptoms like these suddenly, and initially? Any words of wisdom to calm me down? I am home alone with the three small children and barely able to function out of worry.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, how did your appointment go? I’m two years of hpv positive and I’ve started to get a lot of discharge and lower back ache. I hope it’s all OK?

Thanks for asking. I’m almost too embarrassed to write it here - but turns out a tampon had made its way all the way to the top of my cervix. Must have been there a good 11-12 days. That was the source of all the pain and discharge.
I hope you will find a solution to your issues soon. x

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Oh what a relief!!! So glad that’s all sorted for you.

I’ve got a health check today, might mention my symptoms to see what they say.

I can understand why you are embarrassed (especially as you said it was not a tampon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but actually it is very important that you posted this update - so thank you on behalf of other readers and visitors to this forum. It’s so important to reinforce the message that not every gynaecological event is cancer! It is people’s greatest fear but there are many other reasons for things like pain, discharge and bleeding as well. So glad the rogue tampon was located and removed and you can breathe a sigh of relief!

And of course that ‘Googling’ can lead the way to madness and unnecessary panic, when what you needed was someone to take a look…

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