Smear results finally

Hello iv been pondering weather to post anything on here or not! But with not being able to function and sleep properly I thought i would! Back in November 2021 i noticed a very strange discharge it was a pinky orange colour, the smell was absolutely vile, like a rotten meat or something that had gone severely off!My first thought was BV, i went to the chemist and got the gel to use at night time! The smell was still there after the week of using them! So i got another weeks worth and still it was there!
When I finally made an appointment with the nurse about 6 weeks later she took swabs, and also my smear as it was due! She had a good look at my cervix and inside me, when I explained my symptoms and the smell she said it could be a lost tampon with the smell i was describing! Anyway nothing was found and when my swabs came back the following day they were all clear! I was then referred back to my doctor for further tests! My blood and urine were tested and a further more into depth examination of my cervix and vaginal area was done! The Nurse explained that everything looked good and nothing stood out, around 3 days later my blood and further swabs came back and this time they picked up a small infection, and blood showed up i was anemic! I was put on a week of antibiotics and a 3 month supply of iron tablets! After the week still no change so a different type of antibiotic was prescribed! After these I noticed the smell wasnt as strong but instead of the pinky/orange watery discharge it slowly turned to just bleeding! Still bleeding now! heavy with large blood clots one day and next to nothing the next day! (Can i also mention i called mostly every Friday to see if my smear results were back! While all this was going on) After a long 11 weeks i received them back, (yesterday)it showed up high risk cell changes and hpv with a letter for a colposcopy appointment for July!
My question would be, do I seriously have to wait this long? Iv had these symptoms since around November and just dont feel right waiting another 12 weeks, should i push for a sooner appointment? Or is this how it is? Im going to call the doctor first thing tomorrow,Im so unsure and anxious what to do now! Because of my symptoms i cant help but think the worst, and even more so now with my results back!

Hi Lcee

It’s good you are going to call your doctor tomorrow; you should definitely say about your bleeding. There can be a number of reasons for your symptoms and the fact you have HPV and high risk cell changes may be coincidental. However, bearing in mind I’m not an expert, I think you should be referred urgently and not have to wait until July. Another possibility is to call the Colposcopy clinic for a cancellation appointment but personally I would favour an urgent referral by the GP.

My GP referred me on the 2ww system on the basis of abnormal bleeding - post menopausal in my case. I was seen by a gynaecologist within 2 weeks and started treatment for cervical cancer (stage 2A) just a few weeks after that.

Let us know how you get on.



If you still bleeding with heavy blood clots, I would suggest go to the hospital it might speed up the process. I’m my case I was bleeding non stop and I was rush to the hospital they prescribe me medication to stop the bleeding and they referred me for Pet scan and further scans and I bypassed the colposcopy stage.

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Hey lovely,

Sorry youve had to go through all that how stressful!,

3 years ago i had severe dyskaryosis (cin3) after i had my first ever smear, before this i didnt have no symptoms accept lower back pain and periods being irregular … i had to wait a couple of weeks for my colposcopy and then a week for my LLETZ loop treatment. If youre feeling anxious id defo ring the colposcopy clinic and explain the situation as they may look for cancellations and squeeze you in

I hope all goes well lovely, as a positive after my LLETZ loop treatment and biopsy i was all clear and was back to every 3 year appointments and i had result from my recent one and was all negative,
You will be fine hun for sure xx

Thankyou girls for your encouraging words and taking the time to read my post :kissing_heart:

Well my doctor doesn’t seem worried in the slightest, says its BV and not to worry about my smear/hpv results as the cells will not progress any in the time iv to wait for the colposcopy ! The reason iv to wait till the end of July is because our hospital only have a colposcopy clinic every Thursday, they have put me on a cancellation list, So i guess its a waiting game! This is going to be a long wait! I feel bad for my little girl and my partner, im so doom and gloom around them and my moods are up and down! Think its just my frustration on having to wait and not really getting taking seriously either!
Il keep you posted on how i get on X


Hi Lcee

Is the Colpsocopy Clinic aware of your bleeding? If not, you could tell them with a view to hopefully getting a cancellation appointment sooner than later. Or, if you continue to be worried, seek a second opinion from a different GP.