Any advice please

Hi new to site and searched for some comfort and advice. I had my smear test which resulted in severe abnormal cells. Had to go for a colposcopy where they preformed a loop biopsy there and then which was 2 weeks ago now. Since I have been suffering with a browny smelly discharge which isn't fading. I'm having to wash and change a few times a day! Has anybody else suffered with this? If so what is the outcome? I'm so worried and still waiting for results which ain't helping me one bit xx thanks for taking the time to read xxxxx


I would advise you see or phone your doctor - as a rule if the discharge smells then it usually means you have an infection and may need antibiotics to clear it up.  You should get your results soon now, try not to worry too much.


Thank you xxx will do first thing xx

Hi Kirsty,

Its normal to have discharge (i had heavy bleeding) but i dont think it should smell that bad you have to wash and change a few times a day. Best book an appointment as Cheryl advises.

As for your results i was told unless they contact me then its all good (no news good news sort of thing) but unfortunately for me they called 2 weeks after the procedure to tell me i had Stage 1a1 cancer and i had to go and see the consultant the next day. Its no good saying try not to worry as we all do, just try and take your mind off it. Your GP should have the results within 4 weeks so give it time and if you havent heard anything give them a call.

Feel free to PM if you need to chat :-)

Trudy x