Smear test results

I've had my smear test done, there was a back log with results but they finally came yesterday. I opened the letter and immediately saw the words 'you tested positive.....' I broke down. Anyway reading the letter it states I have HPV and high grade (severe) cell changes (cant think of the professional term used sorry) and also was an appointment for the hospital. I am so scared about this and cant help but fearing the worst. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should expect? Thanks so much xxxx 

Hello, I too had this letter but with low grade changes. I've been sick with worry and can't eat or think straight I'm really struggling. 

I rang the booking office for the colposcopy and that's booked in for next Thursday so unfortunately it's a wait until then so they can take a look and see what changes are happening and decide what to do from there. 

I'm struggling with the whole thing to be honest as I don't understand it fully. I've rang the helpline on here and they are really informative so it may be worth talking to them if you feel you need some questions answered. 

Good luck with everything x

Hi Both! 

Ive just had the results of my 4the smear test and for the 3rd time I have abnormal cells and have been invited in for a colonoscopy. My first one back in 2016 came back as CIN3 servere changes so I had to have lletz treatment and have the cells burned away. 6 months later I had my follow up smear which came back as abnormal again so had another colonoscopy - this was only mild changes so was told ok to return to normal 3 yearly. Went in March this year and had my results today - abnormal again so another colonoscopy required so just waiting for my hospital appointment to come through. 

The nurse who did my most recent smear accidentally let slip that apparently they wanted me checked on a 12monthly basis but due to ad admin error it was never put on the system correctly so I am a little worried about this one. I'm also positive for HPV but I have been on every smear I've had. 

I know it's easier said then done but mostly the colposcopy only see slight changes and they just need to be monitored. Hoping all goes well for you both