Call back

Always had normal smears until last year. Had CIN 3, had them treated  and received letter saying all had been completely removed.

   Had 6 month check up in February and told today by GP "a few abnormal cells were found and will hear from hospital direct for check, nothing serious and do not worry.". Guess what, I'm worried!  

Hi munchkin, 

Sorry you're having to go through this a second time round. Could you contact your GP and ask them to confirm exactly what your results showed? X

Hi I recently received my smear test results I'm 30 I was always so scared to get my smears so this is my proper 1st one and waited 3 months to get results saying hpv high risk was found and some changes to my cells ( doesn't explain what ) got my colposcopy Monday I'm so nervous that I'm gonna get told I have cancer ? do they tell you in the letter if it's cancer and not cell changes